Incoming character Mixups?



I got nuthin outside of set peekabo and try to cross up. Anyone with good tech after a kill or a snap?


You can also go for a high/low mixup after a meaty peekaboo, preferably with an assist like Disruptor or whatever. If you kill the opponent from midscreen, throw Round Trip and wave dash in for a divekick mixup.

One I really like with my team when an opponent is coming in from midscreen is to set Hopscotch and Peekaboo immediately, call Dark Hole and then slide (c.M) under.

But honestly I prefer to just set traps and run away, throw Round Trip and slow it down, maybe tag in another character depending on the matchup.


Cool stuff, thanks for replying. I ask because she can kill almost all of the cast with X factor lvl 2, so if we get a solid mixup, she becomes a really strong 2nd character to get that kill and have plenty of Xfactor time left for the third character. If we can just get that other character grounded, Trish is impossible to block in X factor, but if she gets push blocked away it’s a potentially bad situation.


I usually put out peekaboo then call frank or vergil assist right as they come in. It works in the corner but it’s best mid screen since you can actually get a decent left/right/up/down mixup while still having to guess against you/assist/peekaboo. Even if they don’t get hit by you or the assist, peekaboo covers you both.

It’s a really nasty incoming mixup.

Just head to 0:04:45. I set it up there mid screen.

Mid screen also means you get to hover around under the trap if you don’t have a decent assist to help out. At least you can get a left/right mixup on half the cast (aka most non flying characters)


Thanks for posting this, Shin Oni. I remember watching this fight on stream. Since I’ve been playing more, I picked up a lot more stuff from you that I’ll be stealing.

I still disagree about the order of that team though, man. I think starting Vergil gives you so many chances to level up Frank w/o TAC, and you still have TAC leveling available if you somehow wind up Trish/Vergil.


The team works in all variations lol. I just prefer vergil in the back. If Trish dies, generally Frank is minimum level 3. If not, then i’ll just play patient to get the hit, get frank some levels, and then just tag in Vergil. At least that’s what i’ll probably start doing since vergil with frank assist is dumb. I’m just comfortable with Vergil back there cause I don’t like Frank alone. I have had thoughts of playing Anchor Trish again considering I was one of the few anchor Trish players/supporters in vanilla lol. It’s just Vergil is dumber back there with meter and x-factor.

But considering how my team is supposed to work, you’re not supposed to see Trish or Vergil in the front after Frank is level 4/5 unless they’re assisting Frank. But I haven’t worked on my frank combos since I picked him back up so i’m just making people respect Frank’s M buttons and j.s at 4/5. In all honesty, people shouldn’t be alive after lvl 4/5 frank gets a hit.


I have been throwing a peekaboo out and try to dive kick in, but most people here block on incoming so they block the trap and run. Lately I’ve just been throwing an air round trip and calling missiles. I run her on point so I’ve been considering throwing round harvest and trying for an unblockable but I don’t think there is enough time

Nelson are you going to be around NYCC next weekend? I’m heading down and staying with someone we both know


round harvest on a incoming characters don’t work since they can just pushblock to stay airborne.


That’s what I figured, but my one thought was hard tag in doom and try for a cross up foot dive

Its not the best thing but it does guarantee they will block on incoming and allow you to set up a mixup. If I am running low on life I would definitely do that and hard tag in Wesker.



If you’re running Doom with Trish, I recommend watching some/a lot of RDK.


Yup, I’ll be at the Top Cow booth and most likely also with Chris DiBari in Artists’s Alley.


Perfect, that’s the guy I was talking about actually :slight_smile:


my mix ups for most of the cast on incoming is the “dash N mash” technique© which is to dash then mash…