Incoming mixups with Dark Arthur

This is the part where i fail with Arthur. Do some of you guys have 50-50 setups or ambiguous mixups for incoming characters?

There’s one that I use whether I’m regular Arthur or Dark. Call a Swallow Blade, then lance-charge underneath and let the blade hit them to start your combo.

Depending on when you time the lance-charge, it can be plenty ambiguous.

Hmmm I like this thread,

I tend to just charge under and do an instant j.S with a magic sword to cover me, its practically unblockable considering how fast it is. After lance charging in you can even walk back and forth a little to make the mixup more ambiguous.

Something else you can do is to lance charge under and do a Heavenly Slash to cross up, this is a little on the unsafe side though.

I think we should dedicate this thread to Arthur mixups in general lol. Sometimes the intrepid night needs to play dirty.

P.S: Uploaded some videos



Magic Sword is actually quite interesting.

What I normally do is jump and throw axe, so they come in blocking, then throw a bottle, so they fall into it and cannot jump right away, from there mixup with j.S and c.L.

Works better with golden armour and can be pushblocked away… at least you get them pinned by your projectiles

I use franks poke assist while jumping and toss a bottle .> j.s, works most of the time. I’ll have to check out the sword though, that is cool.

Any strategy that involves calling assist is not particularly useful for “Dark Arthur.”

One of my favorite openers against people who like to hold up/back on entry is to to throw a meaty golden axe in the air, then jump forward and do air scythe (air-to-air). The backswing of scythe will usually stick them on the ground long enough for one solid high/low attempt.

Well, i have been using on incoming characters with no air mobility: cross-sword, neutral superjump kind of high, j.S. This will indeed crossup, the other character will have to block the cross sword then the mixup.

serpentaurus, what does that j.S lead to? It seems like you’d get the hit but not be able to convert into anything.

Well, from what i recall (i’m not an Arthur main, he is in my side team so correct me if i’m wrong) there is a last hit after of the j.S caused by the cross-sword mixup i described that make the hitconfirm even easier. As dark Arthur converting from a j.S is very easy i think, you can even throw one dagger before of landing for adding more hitstun.

A j.S can be canceled into a special attack such as scatter crossbow to cancel out the recovery frames of the j.S. The crossbow won’t actually come out as an attack if done from the right height, just cancel out those recovery frames. So, upon landing, you can go directly into a cr.l and perhaps start a combo from there if either the j.S or cr.l actually connected. This is a technique you can use to create a combo from an instant overhead j.M, too.

As dark Arthur things may be either easier or more difficult to time, but the technique should still work.

Sidebar: Serpentaurus, I love your Thor team. It rocks.

I was presuming that the j.S hits them air-to-air (because of the cross sword), which would seem to make it difficult to convert after.

If the jS hits air to air would that lead to a hard knockdown?

Not unless it is done after a grounded S.