Incompatible adapters and multiple platforms

I am trying my darnedest to figure out my best quality and cost effective solution.

I am a long time pad player and it’s finally time to up my game to a real stick. I know there are all sorts of custom stick builders out there offering up various things, but here’s the skinny.

I want to have something that will work for both my PS2 and my Xbox 360. With Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix coming out this fall, I am pretty sure I’ll be logging a lot of hours on Xbox Live Arcade.

The problem is that there’s no essential titles available on the 360. There is no native ports, and the software based emulation leaves a lot to be desired on the titles that it does support.

SO, PS2 is obviously the other console I need support for.

I have a few options as I see it.

  1. XFPS 360 (Pro/Non-pro). This is an $80 adapter that supposedly will adapt PS2 controllers to the Xbox 360. I’ve done some searching on the forums and the information is ALL OVER the place on this device. Some say it has lag, others say it has no lag. Some say it supports HRAP2, others say it won’t. Some say it works with the SF:AC, others say no it won’t. It’s not only an $80 gamble, because if it doesn’t work, I am left with a PS2 based stick that won’t work on my 360.

  2. 2 Controllers. One for 360, one for PS2. Double the cost? Not fun.

  3. A custom setup with BOTH ports available. The question is, do such products exist, or do custom stick makers do this type of thing (2 seperate PCBs for 1 stick?)

I see there is a Hori Virtua Fighter edition EX2 stick for 360. It’s only $60, but it has cheap rip-off components that are soldered directly to the PCB, so modding is damn near impossible for an amatuer like myself.

Has anything quality been announced for the Xbox 360? Someone help me fill this void in my life :lovin:

How often do threads like these pop up again? Your best bet is to go with a custom stick maker and have him do both PCB’s in the same box for you. Be prepared to spend a lot of money (over $200 easy) though.

sorry to upset anyone with another “thread like this” but as I said, the information on the XFPS is so all over the board.

and I haven’t run into any posts discussing dual PCB’s inside a stick, I have not seen any examples of a PS2/360 compatible stick from any of the custom builders, and I have spent the last 2 days combing through posts and sales threads.

so it isn’t something overly difficult to accomplish? 2 PCBs?

shouldn’t be, I believe you would just have to double wire everything to accommodate the two pcb’s.

The Two PCB’s are done in forms or project boxes. Not both wired at the same time, although thats possible too, its not practical. Your looking at costs 200-500 depending how fancy you want your set up. So its definitely possible, but getting two sticks would be much more bang for your buck, as ironic as that sounds. Until theres a good 360 adapter out.

thanks i appreciate the reply about the PCB options … for $500 i think I might be better off buying a PS3 and getting a PS2 arcade stick… considering that SSF2THDR is coming out for PSN as well … instead of messing with xbox 360 compatability!

sigh it is truely sad when my dream peripherals start costing more than the consoles themselves!