Inconsistencies on Anti-air DCM input?



Anyone else having issues with getting this move to come out? I’ve been hammering away at it in training mode and it’s just so wonky sometimes. I’ll have the last input read like this:

:uf: :lk: :mk: :hk:

And that input has given me BOTH anti-air and ground version. It’s like it just flips a coin as to which one the game wants to give me. Anyone else having issues with this? What’s your input to make AA DCM come out more reliably?


If you’re trying to combo into AA U2, it no longer works after today’s patch. If there is an opponent in a juggle state the grounded U2 will always come out.

Those inputs look fine by me.


No way… seriously? Was that a purposeful nerf or just another Decapre accident?

I got it to combo off break earlier. But couldn’t do it on target combo

Edit: just read the event hubs article on this… ugh


What you should try doing is a :db: :df: :db: :ub: input. it will get you AA U2 with no risk of getting the ground version.


I’ve actually had the ground version come out that way believe it or not…


i have too, sad i may add