Incorporating Focus Attacks

Sorry if this could be asked in the Q and A thread but I think it’s open to some discussion.

I have a hard time incorporating focus attacks in my fuerte game. We all know its a great way to set up RSF but it seems like some of FA’s utility is taken away by fuerte’s other options. You don’t need FA backdash to bait since fuerte obviously baits very well with run stops. He has a bazillion ways to get through fireball spam. I find it useful in certain match ups against characters with weak AB options, Cammy, Chun, Vega, Dhalsim but can’t find a place for it other than that. Help?

I use it to bait stuff here and there. It has real good range.

The only thing I really use it on is against fireballs to build ultra or on Guile’s second part of his sweep

yeah I’ve been using Fuerte for about a week now, but he has good range on his FA…and I guess its good to bait with it as well because its always good to keep em off balance with different types of bait. It’s hard to catch on to Fuertes run dash, but hey FA’s make them work a little harder, no harm in that…well thats how i see it lol.

I’d use it more often. but I’m just not feeling his forward and back dash

I found out yesterday, that Ryu’s Hurricane kick goes over El Fuerte when charging the FA…

sounds cool, but I don’t think it’d be all that useful… good find regardless

I use focus attacks way too much and it pays off some of the time but also punishes me a lot.

I use it to build meter, moreso than to get a crumple = p. Fuerte with meter can really shut down many players, and make them play a bit more cautiously, which works in Elf’s favor most the time.

Nothing beats 2 teabag sunrises in one round.

Also, since I play online, I find some uses more likely to backfire = .

or you just get SRK’d like every other scrub who wakes up and SRK’s. Fuertes Back dash is trash =/ prepare for geting punished or barely geting hit by the last frame of an attack. IE : SRK / Vert blanka ball/ Tiger Upper/ Gens bicycle kick. etc etc etc. I use FA’s to absorb Fireballs or characters who like to poke alot / jump in with a quick lvl 2 FA. Thats how you get RSF without having to jumpin fr.punch rsf

This is a cool little trick, but dont overdo it. Once players learn they can SRK you out of it (The SRK hits as a counter, so the armour on the focus doesnt mean squat) or even THROW you out of it, then it becomes less useful.

No arguments against faking it to punish the reversal though.

Pretty much. It’s my only real gripe with the character. Yeah, it’s the fastest backdash in the game, but god damnit it doesn’t go anywhere.

When you knock your opponent down and have been consistently knocking him down on wakeup, you can run forward/run back stop and FA and if they threw out a shoryu it’s a free crumple… If they didn’t do anything on wakeup just backdash and reset the situation.

You should never be thrown out of El Fuerte’s FA, it has lots of range, unlike say… Bison’s

This isnt what i meant.

You can be thrown out of fuerte’s FA during the actual action part of the FA animation.

eg. say i go for the tortilla setup. I hit the tortilla, dash in (still at roughly max range for Fuerte’s FA) start charging, and the FA releases at lvl3 as they wake up. They can catch you with a throw before fuerte’s focus actually ‘hits’.

If it was me doing something stupid that caused this, id love to know what it was. And to be honest, it hasn’t happened to me in a LONG time. Ive had (terrible) opponents that have just mashed throw on wake up when they see my focus, and it has yielded mixed results.

A trick I once saw another Fuerte do is Focus at about max range, dash cancel forwards and Guacamole. Catches people who like to jump to avoid FAs. Of course, this requires that you read your opponent and doesn’t work against people who stay grounded.

I also like doing a run right into my opponent while he’s on the ground, lk cancel then Focus, or a short back run, cancel then focus. Most people will be able to anticipate the focus if you just do it from standing or a walk. However, do it right after a run-stop, and they would have been expecting a splash, slide or tortilla. On top of that, the little run or backstep would have messed up their spacing. The time it takes them to realise you just ran out of range AND switched to doing a focus is enough for you to get your charge to level 2. From there you can backstep, run in again or just release. It’s of course not the best option, but it means you have the opponent expecting one kind of mix up, then he quickly has to react to a completely different mix up, and during this changeover of mindset, a lot of people flinch and you can hit them with bullcrap that usually won’t land.

On his backstep, it’s got the same animation as the lk cancel for the run. The lk cancel recovers faster and can itself be cancelled though, so throw that in a few times and your opponent will be a little confused.

i tend to use focus attacks against specific characters like Bison, or occasionaly Balrog. at about half screen distance the FA will go through the second hit of a scissor kick or his slide.

also when you know a ken is going to do that lead in kick, focus away.

fuerte’s focus sukkzorz, but i just can’t help myself. i focus like crazy, just like how i would focus with any other character.

They can’t throw you if they wakeup in or a couple frames before the active frames of the FA, that’s the whole point of a meaty. Throws have three frames of startup and don’t grant invincibility. If they are grabbing you, it’s because you did it too early or too late. It’s a five frame window to land a meaty Lvl.3 Focus Attack.

Yea i figured this out not long after i posted that. Feel like a total knob for not putting 2 & 2 together before.

against ryu/ken/sagat (that’s about 90% of online coverage), runback -> stop -> FA is part of my mix-up game. it’s useful when your opponent has guessed wrong a certain number of times and you feel that he’s going to try a srk escape.
there are a lot of characters against whom i won’t ever use FA : gief, abel, dictator…

Eh, no big deal. I knob up my info all the time.