Incorporating Priority-Linking (PLinking) and/or Double Tapping in Matches


Hi guys, I know there have been a lot of threads about plinking or double tapping, but I’m having issues incorporating it into my gameplay.

Shoryuken - The “Plinking” FAQ: Everything You Want to Know About Plinking

I main E. Honda, Blanka, and currently picking up Boxer and Fei Long and I haven’t been able to incorporate this into my actual matches. I can execute the plink, but I don’t understand when a good situation to use it would be.

When I watch gameplays where i can see or hear the joystick, I hear constant double tapping of buttons, where I’m assuming they’re plinking or double tapping.

Could you guys share some info on how you guys get this down pat with some examples on when you would be using it?

Should I even worry about plinking with E. Honda, Blanka, Boxer or Fei?


There is no way to really “incorporate” it into matches. You either do it or you don’t. You’re thinking about it too hard. You do it when it’s useful, that’s up to you when it is and isn’t.

I plink 1 framers but, not all of them. I plink some 2 and 3 framers but, not all of them.

I rarely double tap. Pretty much only when you HAVE to such as with Sagats fake roundhouse or if you’re doing Fei Longs low jab to jab Rekka, it’s a really fast cancel and double tapping can help.

If you’re doing the combos without it then it isn’t an issue. If you feel like it will help in your consistency then do it more.


This question makes me think you don’t really get the point of plinking.

Plinking is a technique that makes links easier to perform. Any character who has links in their bnbs–IE, most of them–benefit from using plinking in matches.


not to completely reiterate what kelter said, but he is correct, its not necessary. if there are combos that are 1 or 2 frame links that you might need, or regularly use with the characters that you use, then plinking and double tapping would be usefull. otherwise dont worry to much about it. focus more on basics: footsies, execution, specific matchups. are there any combos u constantly drop?


I know of a few links I can’t always throw out during the match
E. Honda: I can’t get c. lp -> HHS -> St. RH (I miss the St. RH link maybe 20-30% of the time)

c. LP -> c.LP -> c.MP (missing the sometimes)
LP -> LP -> LP -> LP -> c. RH (can’t constantly link the c. RH)
c. LP -> c. LP -> st. LP -> c. MP xx Dash Straight (can’t consistently link the c. MP)

I can’t execute them in training, but once I get in a match, I can’t toss them out consistently.

I guess the question should have been: How do you keep yourself from rushing your combos and dropping the plink in a real match.


You pretty much just practice them in training mode until they become muscle memory. Plinking largely isn’t meant to help you with keeping the proper timing itself, but to increase the chances of hitting the move when you’ve already gotten the basic timing down.


Practice more and calm down during matches.

Even new bands play their songs faster when they first start playing their music live. It takes time and practice.


About it, although record/playback to learn bnb combos against certain common scenarios (jumping in, focus punishes, etc) with plinking really helped me out. I had to break out of a bad habit of mashing, and it came down to this.


Thanks guys, looks I just need to spend more time in training and not get so high strung in matches.


The only way to get through it is to play more. You get nervous because you’re not comfortable in the match.