Increase in Cammy-players

As of the release of SSF4 in Europe, I’m one of those “lol onlinefag” who basically play online because that’s the only option I’ve got.

Anyways, what’s up with the massive increase of Cammy players? I swear, I see you guys all over the place. Cammy is the character I’ve had most encounters with since SF4 went super. And she seems more like a wrecking ball than ever. Could that perhaps be why? Or generally she just became a more versatile character or something?

Dunno abt any1 else but ever since she hit the sf scene I’ve always liked her. Currently fighting Abel for my main char.

I haven’t really seen an increase. You can see how many people are ranked with her online. I see more newcomers. Especially Guy. The Cammy’s that are out there are giving me more trouble than before though. I agree with you that Super Cammy is a lot more fun and way better than vanilla Cammy.

Besides myself and 1 (yes one) Fei Long I haven’t seen anyone use counter Ultras yet. There are no vids in de the replay channel either. Maybe it’s just a feeling you have that there are more blonde arrows. Would be nice though.

Slightly off topic. I had an endless battle the other day with about 4 Cammy mainers. And some random others. Never seen so many Cammy’s online. :slight_smile:

I dont think I’ve fought a single cammy

I haven’t yet fought a single Cammy online since Super came out.

It’s because I don’t own ssf4 yet just sf4. But I’ve been using Cammy since sf2 o_o forever going to use her. My main and only main :D. Cammy is just straight beast ugh… I could go on for hours. I hope to inspire more players to go far away from shoto’s/Sagat and start being Cammy :smiley:

ex cannon divex3 to U1???

Same here :amazed:

am on the EU PSN and not played vs one cammy player

I dunno…I feel that some of the people who have been led astray have come back. I certainly did. Cammy felt incomplete to me, she basically had only 1 effective range and that was cannon strike, her footsies and grab range was bad so I couldn’t take advantage of her walk speed and there were just way too many sagats and zangiefs in my region.
SSF4 cammy compared to SF4 cammy is like they took out those wooden pegs they call her “legs” and reattached her good old super bionic ultra powered rocketbooster legs.

lol i have gotten all my friends that come to m house playing cammy. They go its all u talk about when u talk street fighter haha

Yeah my brother keeps telling me to pick a more balanced character, but Cammy’s just my bitch forreal. She seems faster, her bnb has come out alot smoother now, and its just overrall fun. I have only played 1 other Cammy though since the games release (mirror match), so I cant really say I see the trend. I will say, however, that as soon as some of the high level guys start showing off those counter ultras in their mixups, shit is gonna get really fun really fast.

My imagination kinda fails me, and when I have used CqC, the opponent just sat there and stared me in my face as she crossed her arms in a defensive position. How Entertaining.

We’re having that in the U.S. too. :[
I guess she’s just a bit harder to punish at the moment or something. I wouldn’t call her cheap because Cammy’s always been easy to counter once you figure out her moves, but for now, I’m losing against her often.

From my perspective, I haven’t noticed any increase on PSN. If anything, it seems like the amount of Cammy players have decreased, or either the percentage of Cammy players is smaller because of the increase in both the cast size and player base of the other characters. I’ve only run into 1 Cammy on PSN so far.

I hope cammy players decrease besides those who use her now, It would make her more unique to use. :slight_smile:

The secret to being unique with a character is being good.

I fought my first cammy (since super) online today after hundreds of games, although I don’t know if there’s a big difference on psn for whatever reason. Probably just coincidence for either/both of us.

I’m still fighting 90% Ryus. Some things never change, even with 35 characters to choose from.

Depends, I have been using Fei and Cammy since SF2T with Ryu since SF2HF

Abel is great vs someone not smart enough to know how to grab during the roll, does not know how to stand up while blocking, though his command grab and standing fierce and ultra is too good.

Cammy is great because of mid range mix into close range and the best focus attack I think, and if someone uses a focus attack you can cannon drill, spike, walk forward and grab, best walking speed, best anti air, arguably still the best forward low attack to Ibuki, when spaced right it is safe but at the same time its blockable while Ibuki’s does good damage while breaking focus attack, then again Cammy does have standing hooligan I guess. You wont make a good Cammy player unless you learn how to link cross over light kick, crouching light kick, crouching light punch, crouching light kick, heavy cannon drill. I like how cannon strike without ex is much harder to pull off, less spammers, counter ultra is terrible as is, old ultra has great range for good damage and good chip damage. The character by all means is weaker then the SF4 version, which was already the weakest form outside of original, but im just really good at spacing, timing, with a good focus attack and range is really all I need. Dudley has his counter, why can’t Cammy from MvC2? Or at least make the counter ultra useable after focus or able to be used when it connects with a focus breaker. Come to think of it, Cammy doesn’t have a focus breaker outside of grabing but I hardly have trouble using my focus back at them or just garbing with that walking speed.
At the same time, Cammy is hard to verse unless you know how Cammy works and your using a character your good at using.

I’ve fought at least 50% Ryu in the last few days at least; last week it wasn’t like this at all. Probably coincidence, but yeah.

nope probably not. In SFIV, Ryu and Ken dominated online play.
Some of the Ryu players fool around with the new chars then switch back to Ryu.

Unfortunately I see a decrease in Cammy if anything.
She isn’t played much. She is hard to use in general.

I am sure there is other reason why ppl don’t play her.