Increased Kara throw range on F-MK in Ultra



If anyone smarter than me sees anything wrong with the conclusion I’m drawing here, please let me know. I’m pretty sure this is accurate and my testing confirms it, though.

The F-MK speed buff (from 13 frame startup to 11 frame startup) seems to have also buffed Oni’s F-MK Kara Throw range. Since Oni’s F-MK range is the same but the speed is faster, he must now be moving farther PER-FRAME than he was before. This means that now F-MK is his best Kara throw (instead of F-HP).

The GIF below is the resulting distance after a completed Kara Throw on a Recorded PC at the start of training mode. Green PC is Ultra, Red PC is AE2012 (look at their left-most foot).


Proof of concept on this as well as demonstration of the new Kara Fireball – which is imo REALLY good.

Something about the way that they buffed Oni’s F-MK (from 13 frames to 11 frames startup) has noticeably increased the distance of his F-MK Kara Throw and F-MK Kara Fireball.

The Kara Fireball in particular seems like a REALLY strong option for him, because now he can approach DURING a fireball war.

It’s a bit harder to perform than Ken’s Kara Fireball due to Slash input overlay – if you start with Back or Down-Back, Slash will always come out. You must start with DOWN and do a “clean” fireball motion, as well as end on Forward (so that you are Kara cancelling and not Jump Cancelling).

Sorry for quick/minimal effort video, I’ve been very busy lately!


Nice Metal!
I think your onto something here.