Increasing Zangief's SPD range?


I was wondering if you could increase Zangief’s SPD range by whiff-canceling a move, similar to Alpha 3 (whiff a standing jab then immediately cancel into SPD). I tried the technique myself, but I can’t really see any difference.

Does anyone know the frame data for his SPD range? Does this technique apply to CvS2?


isn’t that kara cancelling? i know that it works in cvs2 for todo. if you cancel the crouching fierce into his command grab you could extend the range of his grab. and i’m thinking it should work for all grapplers as well.


Not quite what he means. In A3 Zangief got “skinnier” if you cancelled his jump into an SPD before he left the ground, thus reducing its range. You could circumvent that problem by kara cancelling a jab into SPD to keep him grounded.

Anyway, I’m 90% sure this doesn’t apply to CvS2.


You can do an RC jab SPD and let the roll animate a little 1st, but this would be VERY hard, and almost impractical.


Not really.
I’ve seen a Zangief player RC his 360 moves like it was NOTHING.


RCing a Jab SPD AND delaying your input so the roll animates 1st is a little difficult…


Every RC is animated by the roll just a tiny bit, 3 or less frames to be exact…


Yeah, but, during an RC you can cancel the roll on the 1st to 3rd frames, if you wait a (SMALL) bit after press ing roll, then you finish the motion, you will move forward more than you usually would.


Exactly my point 1-3 frames, that is so little it really doesnt matter. You can’t wait any longer than 3 frames, otherwise you will not perform your move.


Well I’m assuming it’s difficult for you, but this dude I was watching play had about a 90% success rate with that thing.
And yes, you could plainly see the roll animate before the SPD came out.
Crazy. :eek: