Incredible account of the old school LA/SoCal SF2 scene with LA_Akira


This is a incredible account of the old school Street Fighter days by Gerald Abraham, a.k.a. LA_Akira on the UltraChenTV show this week. While there isn’t a lot on Super Turbo yet (They hinted at possibly doing another show in the future talking about ST), Gerald goes into incredible detail about the old school LA/SoCal SF2 scene, starting with SF2WW (World Warrior) all the way through SF2T (Hyper Fighting) and also detailing some of his visits to Japan, competing in SF2.


EDIT: nevermind I forgot LA Akuma is Schaeffer


LA Akuma is Jeff Schaeffer?


Thank you so much for this, Kuroppi. I love to hear these stories about the old times, everywhere.

Yeah, that’s his account here at SRK too, BTW.



Shout out to Gerald Abraham…it was cool to play vs you with CE characters back when SF2 AE was out at family fun arcade. Awesome interview about my favorite sf2 games (pre Super turbo) and golden era. very cool to hear Gerald’s account…would love to play WW, CE, and HF against him so he could show me tactics and tricks that they did back then


Tactics and tricks pre-ST = pick Guile


Nothing wrong with picking a high/top tier character throughout the different versions of SF2.


Didn’t say there was, indeed, I used Sim in ST for like 8 years. Before Super though, Guile was a devastating force that some characters didn’t really have any answers for. Tomo ranked him as #1 for good reasons, based off incomparable experience.


WW: Guile was the absolute best. If you didn’t get to him first, you had to resort to using Dhalsim.

CE: Guile was #2, not only because he was a good character, but he was really the only character that could fight Bison, who is arguably the most broken character in SF2 history.

HF: Best character in the game is Ryu, hands down. Very dominating character, followed closely by Blanka, Guile, Sagat, in any order.

Super: Not sure on tier listings for this game, since it didn’t seem to have been played much in comparison to the CPS1 games. Claw was starting to get fairly powerful, but Ryu and Guile were still the characters to beat. Sagat was also quite strong. Honda seemed to be the strongest in this version, from what I gather from talking with OG players, but still loses out to fireball characters and the top tiers.


lmao, imagine the SFIV generation not being able to pick the same char. These forums would be twice as hectic.


But that’s why there’s always been more than 1 shoto… at all times.


Kids are spoiled nowadays, lol.