Incredible Hulk (The movie!)

First image of the new Hulk is included in link.

Aye…that movie was so awful…

Hopefully this one will be better.

i think the old hulk movie is on a serious you love or hate…no real inbetween.

Looking good!

…I’m actually working on the DS game for this…

…that’s pretty much all I can say…


I think with Edward Norton being so involved, we’ll be able to get a movie with a lot of good character depth and since Marvel’s got so much control over it, we’re going to get the crapload of violence that’s completely neccessary for a proper Hulk movie.

I love that Marvel studios is taking control of their own products now.

Good man I never buy movie based games but now that I know an SRKer is working on it I’ll check it out.

Hey man, any chance you can include an orange Hulk in there like you know that ol’ Capcom swap? :rofl:

Sorry there’s no way I could not ask that question. :blush: Have fun and let us know what’s up when the game is out. :tup:

I always thought the first Hulk movie was really well done, so this time around you can’t go wrong with the Ed Norton assist.

I liked Ang Lee’s Hulk. It was very little like the comic, but he seemed to see it as part tragedy, part monster movie, and it worked.

Other than the Dark Knight, this is the movie I’m most looking forward to. I love the Hulk, Edward Norton is a great actor, and Marvel has complete control over it with their spiffy new movie company. The pic of the Hulk looks good, I can’t wait to see a full body shot as well as Abomination.

I’m curious are they still going to call him David Banner in this film? I heard it was either that or David Bruce Banner or something.

Oh, oh, cmon. Ang Lee’s Hulk was abysmal. Between the laughable attempts to prevent him from being seen as a villain (specifically, how nobody frickin dies in the entire movie, even when HE THROWS A TANK INTO A HELICOPTER), the poorly-implemented attempts to make the movie look like a comic (which has only been amplified since the release of Sin City) and the mediocre acting, the movie teeters on being unwatchable.

In all seriousness, the only Marvel movie worse than Hulk, IMHO, is Elektra.

I’m a huge Hulk fan, and I really liked the Ang Lee movie. He chose to dive head first into the psychological aspects of the character. Of course, they did make up a lot of stuff (his dad is the Absorbing Man?) but I thought the effects were top notch at the time. I guess the ending was a bit out there too, but I respect movie-making as an art-form.

That said, that head shot looks way better than the old one!!! :slight_smile:

The acting is adequate. The editing is fine. And I didn’t see anything in the film to indicate that the filmmakers were overly desperate to convince you that the Hulk is supposed to be a hero. (The government wasn’t exactly heroic by trying to take out an essentially innocent man who was a victim of circumstance.)

I am curious about the new version, though. It could very well be a fresh, high-quality restart for the franchise, but it could also become an attempt to placate the lowest common denominator. Since there was such a fan backlash against Hulk, which was an attempt to do something atypical in the superhero genre, The Incredible Hulk is unfortunately a wide open opportunity for the filmmakers to create a brainless formulaic action movie. I hope that doesn’t happen.

i thought it was ok. I can see why someoene would hate it.

I found it very inconsistant in story flow and…often boring. But ok.

I’m disappointed. I liked the first movie. I bought it. I hate when new actors come
in for the same parts, when this new franchise has JUST started. Re-imagining or

Speaking of that—I don’t like the thought of E. Norton as Bruce OR Hulk. I also do
no like the fact that there was already a good script, and Norton rewrote it!?
sigh I’m scared of all this because I love comic book movies for the most

Biggest problem with me and the other movie was that it could of used a better script. Direction and actors were fine. It was an okay movie that could of been better IMHO. Far from a bad comic book movie though - See Catwoman…

Mentioning Catwoman in a discussion about comic book movies should be grounds to close thread.

I’ve never seen it, but it cannot be significantly worse than Daredevil. How many studio executives does Ben Affleck have to blow in order to continue getting work?

because we all know that hulk kills a lot of people all the time. especially those illuminati guys that shot him into space, stranded him (temporarily) on a planet, and killed his wife and child.




ahaha! too good.

pfft…daredevil is nothing to the atrocity catwoman and batman and robin are.

daredevil just has bad actors…ie ben affleck

catwoman and batman and robin are just bad movies…big differences.