Indefinitely Cancelled - WEDNESDAY Night Fights - Costa Mesa Fight Club (SFIV)

Gatherings are no longer occuring for now. This post will be updated if/when gatherings are reinstated.

*Who: You! However I am asking people to not bring their friends/cousins/lovers (aka RANDOMS) before they clear it with me. I don’t wanna see new faces unless I know they are coming. Also, unless youre someone who shows up like every week (eugene, bob, valle, rob etc…), PLEASE POST UP if youre gonna show so its easier to get a head count otherwise this has the potential to easily get out of hand.

When: Wednesday Nights, 7pm - 11pm/12am. You personally have to let me know that you are interested coming before 3pm on Wednesday (unless you’re a regular aka been to 5+ of these sessions).

Where: My Place, I live very close to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.
I will pm directions or you can hit me up on on aim/xbl/whatever for how to get to my place from southcoast if youre planning on attending.

Pedestrian Gate: to the far LEFT and RIGHT of the car gate to my apt complex there are pedestrian gates that you can enter using the code: 123. IIRC the car gate visitor entrance closes at 8pm so you wont need to walk around to the pedestrian gates if you get here before then

Equipment: At max capacity i got 2 SDTVs and 3 HDTVs and 2 Xboxs. Everyone PLEASE bring your joysticks and put your initials on it or something so you dont lose your stick or someone else grabs it by accident. If you CAN bring a console, check with me first and I may ask you to bring it.

Food: I just realized there will probably be people who are hungry as this business starts at 7pm. There lots of shit nearby, just ask:
Baja Fish Tacos
Pizza Hut

  • other shit i dont recommend

hopefully this will be a weekday counterpart valle’s RTSD.

all are welcome under 2 conditions:

  1. you arent a douche.
  2. you get better at sfiv.*

you upgraded? 3 hdtv’s now?
am i welcome? or am i a douche? =[

^no, there is 1 hdtv in my room, 1 in living room, 1 in roomates bedroom if i can convince him to let us play on it.

and yes you can come… but youre still a douche harhar

meh, why is everyone holding their sessions on weds. other dude in cerritos is doing wednesday sessions too

if i come will you make me a sandwich?

They play smash and I’m sure there are alot of people on this board who could give a shit about that game. This is 100% for SF4 unless theres a huge pull to play something else for shits and giggles.

nam: youre filthy and i love every minute of it UGH

Yo, I am down. I live right next to South Coast as well.

I’ll try and make it out too :slight_smile:

I don’t know if we’ve met before - you may have seen me play MvC2 at the Zot Zone, or I may have seen you play 3S. Either way, I also live very close to South Coast Plaza and am interested in playing SFIV.

Snap this is gonna be awesome. I’m on the other side of the 405!

(plus RTSD is happening at my place on the 21st) great time to into SF4, the fight game is back!

its good to see that we got some interest up in this bitch

gah theres a good chance ill roll up on wed. ill proll bring a ps3 tho since i have no 360 sticks, which would help with niggas comin with no 360 sticks.

imma rape u all (i’m coming)

nam: yes plz brang yo shizzle

james: you are ass.

i want a burrito match with dentron

i will rape u in the ass bean

dale and i had a burrito match,1st to 10…

i won 9-10 last round last game.

holy shit the mashing

will be durr.

I’m in on this. You need an extra PS3 or some Horis/TE sticks?

^pm sent. yes please bring a stick or two.

can the following people please bring consoles:
ps3: nam, evilchinaman
xbox: nasir

joysticks: everybody

the burrito you won shall consist of my penis in a soft flour tortilla.
enjoy sticking it in yo mouf to eat