Independent, unsigned musical talent

I want this thread to be a resource of fresh, under appreciated talent that should, by all rights, be getting more recognition.

I’ll start off with someone called TEMPHUiBIS, a Youtube user who’s just a really down to earth, all-round great guy working hard with his art form, and it really is art. His stuff is fantastic and he has a real talent. It’s just a shame that his work isn’t as profitable as much of the pap out there right now, and he’s struggling to get any signs. I respect the guy for having his own style; he’s not trying to be anybody.

Here are a couple of the examples of this guys’ work. Again, this is TEMPHUiBIS. Give his channel a look, see if you like his stuff and, if you do, send a subscription his way if at all possible.



All the music is done by him and I’m pretty sure that the music videos are too.

There has to be more under-appreciated talent out there hidden away from us. Let’s try and change that, even a little.


Hey, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.


Keith Merrow

Chimpspanner (oh damn, just got signed 8 days ago and removed all his stuff from youtube and soundclick :rofl:)
scratch Paul “Chimp Spanner” Ortiz off the list


The hipster thread has begun.

Yea cuz unsigned musical artists and music is all hipster music right?

this seems like a good time to spread the word on my friends’ band, “Parley”. they put in some studio time the past two weeks in ohio, and uploaded a new track.

It was a joke, don’t get your panties in a knot. A lot of great music comes from unsigned artists and I’ll be frequenting this thread.

Yea it was late. My bad man.