Indestructable ads abstructing control panel

please make them go away. thanks.

Yeah, no shit. I click on the Heineken add and press “close” and get nothing. I don’t even like Heineken.

the “rollover to learn more” ads are making my alerts appear under the ad -_-

^ Braun ads are doing this too.

opening a link in your alerts on a new tab takes you to the ad’s page. :\

You’re lucky. Mine are for some kind of bisexual shaving product.

Yeah same here. Eventhubs is looking cooler than srk these days…

Braun ad is obstructing CP dropdown menus in the upper left. Very annoying.

That’s because Eventhubs isn’t active as SRK. Go to the forum…It’s dead…Go to the article…It’s active time to time. Unlike SRK. It’s always busy. Unless you’re willing to pay for the server. Be the guest and offer Wiz your money to support it.

Oh damn some giant ad from rudefinder (dating service lol) popped up and when I went hit back (because it redirected me without hitting anything), it hit me off with one of those “are you sure you want to leave?” things.

I always found EventHubs to have more news updates, but SRK has more original stuff and a better forum.

Yeah i wasn’t talking about the forums, my bookmark for srk is for forums anyways. Why should i be subjected to a bunch of bisexual ads targeting pre college teens who wear skinny jeans and think rap is jay z and eminem. And if you think i don’t give money to srk, i’ve been here since 2001 and go to almost every south cal tourney and evo for the past 6 years. That’s not talking about all the merch i buy either.