Index of Movie is Broken

Is there a way to salvage footage of from an ASF media file with the error “Index of Movie is Broken” ? The video plays fine (at least 37 minutes of it anyway), but the seeking bar is disabled.

I’ve tried ASF Tools, and VirtualDub (which doesn’t support ASF :sad: )

Outside of maybe FRAPSing my own video, would there be any other alternative?

Older versions of VirtualDub support ASF. I believe that version 1.3c was the last one to support the format.

Oh wow, thank you so much! :lovin:

Edit: Didn’t work =\ “The ASF file is 858423296 bytes long, but was originally 663 bytes when encoded. It may have been truncated or corrupted. Open file anyway?”

There are programs out there that will fix the index file, although I don’t know the names specifically.

There is a free program out there called Avi Demux that will let you convert a file like that into another format, which will essentially fix your problems (although you may have to mess around with which format works).

Thanks much =) Will try~