India Ink question

DA GAME wants to know if any of you guys ink over your stuff with India ink?DG is considering purchasing some to experiment with it.Do you guys recommend it?

yup. I use a brush. Most people prefer tech pens or croquill. (Although most professional inkers use the brush!) I am no pro inker though, but I like to pretend.

different brushes leave different strokes. I definately use various bristle. Try creating different containers of value by adding number of drops of water to lighten…

Yes, as Wakasashe mentioned, you can dillute ink to use it for inkwash techniques. Personally, I have very little experiece with that, I just use it to do linework inking mostly. Sorry to say for fine brush inking, you’re gonna have a really hard time getting good results without buying an expensive brush. A brush made with Kolinsky Sable is the best. Good brands are Raphael series 8404 and Winsor Newton series 7. No. 2 or no. 3 sizes are the most commonly used for comic book inking.