Indianapolis Gencon Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament

This is the Midwest topic forum so I figured this would be the best place to post this.

Anyways, as of last weekend Indianapolis FINALLY had a pretty decent sized Super Street Fighter 4 tournament, and yes, that means usually we don’t have any, if at all, and if we do, the advertising is very poor.

This was my first big tournament experience, and the scene was a lot of fun. I had conversations of strategies, met some good players, and we all had a pretty good time, not to mention, their was hype the moment two Balrogs threw down. Problem was that I had to leave early once I lost my pool cuz I had work, I never got the chance to get anyones PSN ID’s names or XBL tags(Even though it was a full PS3 tournament.).

We had all discussed that we would all try to set up another big tournament for the Naptown community to make the scene bigger out here, and maybe that would help each of us improve our game. We’re not Arcadia or Wensday Night Fights or anything like that, but hell, we’d like to be.


If anyone from that Gencon SSF4 tournament was a participant and reads this(Which a lot of you said you are frequent visitors of SRK), or just an Indianapolis fight game player in general and are interested in setting up a really good scene for Naptown then please post your Gamertags or PSN ID’s here.

I’ve got 20 30" LCD HD tv’s and am capable of renting out any hotel spot or game center for us to throw some really good tournaments, but i’d really like the help of our community(Regardless of how small it may be) to pull off a really good event. We can’t have a fight game community in Naptown unless we make SOME effort to make it better than what it is.

This is crazy, I was working right across the street from Gen Con (Marriott Hotel) and I had no clue that there was a SSFVI Tourney. I thought that Gen - Con was all boring ass card / board games and shit…I would love to help get the scene going in Indianapolis, all the local players just need a place to meet on a Weekly or Bi-Weekly basis and get some casuals going. Hit me up when you get a chance…


We’ve had like 7 tourneys in the last 3 years here in Indianapolis all being at at Gameworks. Last tourney had almost 100 people that drove from as far as Michigan and Missouri to play, all regular tourney players. I thought we advertised it pretty well. Now if we had had a commercial…

Hey what’s up guys. I was in the GenCon tournament. had just started playin SSFIV few days before the tourney so I didn’t do so hot although all my matches came down to the wire (I played Dhalsim). Anyways now I’m big into SSFIV, much much much better player and do custom artwork for MadCatz sticks and other community stuff like that. I live in Whiteland but would come up to Indy for some games with good competitors.

Why wasn’t this advertised on here? Trust me, there would have been a whole lot more of us there if we knew about the event. Also, all Naptown events were advertised very well with quite a nice turnout at most events.

How many people showed up? Was it just for SST4?

was a max 32 players for the tournament and I’m pretty sure every slot was filled. There was also a HDR tourney and a TvC tourney I think.