Indianapolis, IN: I haven't played that game since I signed the Magna Carta

Injustice is the new crack?


Damn…well that sucks!

Moving to Greencastle later this year to attend DePauw. What little I saw of Indianapolis I liked, and I look forward to either playing anyone there or finding someone at Uni.

Michigan Masters is coming June 1
Location 18600 Haggerty Rd Livonia, MI 48152
@ Schoolcraft VisTaTech Center & Waterman Campus Center

Venue fee is $5 tourney is $10
We will be running SSF4ae, UMvC3, TTT2, SFxT, and P4A

Come check us out.

Rocket Punch 4 announced! We are trying to get an Indy vs AL UMVC3 event together. Contact me or Neon Geon if you are interested in playing.

Well… I’ve moved from Indianapolis. I signed a three year contract with a firm in Colorado so we moved out last month. I love Indianapolis and when this is done, I don’t know if I move back but I will miss you guys. Good luck to all of my fellow Hoosiers!

Well damn this thread is dead lol

Facebook killed it

I’m thinking about recording some matches at arsenal and then linking them here, just to show that things are happening. It’s also nice to study your own matches in general

what night do you guys usually play @ the arsenal?

Arsenal meets are on Wednesdays starting at 5, I’m guessing most people are there by 6.

Wednesdays, we are starting closer to 5 lately

helllllloooooooo, this is mister r3n lol

Hello mister r3n, how are you? lol

Hello I’m the best

Hey guys. I’ll be moving near the Carmel area at the end of this month from Arkansas and was looking to get some games in and meet some new people in the community. How active is the scene up there?

it’s pretty active. this thread isn’t in particular but if you go on facebook there is a group there.

I’ve opted to join it. I’m currently waiting for acceptance again. I joined it in January this year when I visited to try to get some games in, but upon returning to Arkansas, I left it.


since you have a BB avatar I’m assuming you play blazblue and/or anime games, if so you are somewhat in luck as some of the most active members in the local scene mostly play those kinds of games as well. There aren’t a ton of us and we aren’t super into blazblue but I do at least know how to play it in general and when BBCP comes out we will be getting back into it more.

Mostly we play Guilty Gear and Persona, plus there are some players for capcom games and KOF13. We meet up on wednesday evenings at Arsenal Game Room and we have a monthly tournament that is usually on the first sunday of every month. Any other gatherings are spontaneous at people’s houses and stuff but the facebook thread is good for organizing those. I am the admin of that group and I have a backlog of join requests that i have not been able to get to for a week or so since my PC was in the shop and the group admin tools are busted on my android app, but I just picked up my PC from the shop so I should have that taken care of today