Indianapolis, IN: I haven't played that game since I signed the Magna Carta


“Waits for group to add me on facebook” Highly unlikely because of my greatness back-lashed by hate but it’s all good.



Hello everyone I am seriously looking for a ride to TFC. My phone number is
and I live on 95th and Jeffrey on the south side of chicago.
My name is JImmy Ellis

I can pay anybody please give me a ride.



Frosty Faustings VI will be December 28-29th in Downers Grove, IL

Online pre-reg for reduced venue fee and to be seeded by skill and region!

$1500 in pot bonuses! $800 bonus for Guilty Gear. $300 bonus for SF4 and Marvel. $100 to 4th game with highest entrants.!&p=1526132#post1526132


Jack Satrom
PSN: Thelordkoala/Steam: Guy LeDouche



we still try to keep up with this thread but if you want to ensure the fastest and most reliable communication with our community, try here


Yeah, I requested to join that group a few days ago and I’m not in it yet


check it again, should be taken care of


Recently moved and just threw myself into the group hope to game with you guys soon.




You should be good now, it’s always great to have more players for anime games. Let me now if you have any questions either on here of the facebook group. My name is Kyle Guilfoy


Just moved to Carmel, IN from NYC and put in a request to join the Facebook group (Jeff Boudreau). When/where do you all normally play? What games? My mains are SF4 and UMvC3.


Our “public” weekly is at Arsenal Game Room on Wednesdays (they are under renovations right now so that might be off for a week or two). Other things are generally organized through the facebook group, which you should be approved for now.


Just requested to join the facebook group. Im new to the westside of Indy and looking to find a group for casuals.

My info:
XBOX LIVE: Lunchbox5388
LOCATION: Plainfield, IN (Indy West)
GAMES: USF4, UMvsC3, SF3: Third Strike, and all the retro goodness (ex: SF vs Xmen and the like)

Look forward to playing some matches with you guys. Feel free to add me on FB.


Just requested to join the facebook group…trying to get back into fighting games.

My info:
XBOX LIVE: Twilight Deacon
PSN: ThaOneKing08
LOCATION: Indianapolis, IN (Eastside)
GAMES: USF4, UMvsC3, SF3: Third Strike, BlazBlue, Killer Instinct, MvsC 2, Guilty Gear Xrd (when it comes out) and Injustice.

Looking Forward to Playing Everyone.

P.S.: Do yall Still hold Saturday meet-ups?


First post updated

Weekly meetups now at Broadway UMC on Sundays, check the first post for details


Im actually from Indianapolis and i was looking for people who play fighting games near me
PSN: pant3r0619
Games: MvC2, UMVC3, USF4, MK9, persona


Hey, if this thread is still active at all, I’m new to Indianapolis, just moved like 4 weeks ago. If you guys still meet up at the church, please leave another message, thank you.

Games i played recently: USF4, Injustice: Gods among us.

Games i love to play: SF 3rd strike, MK9, Guilty gear (series), Blazblue, Kof XIII


Sorry man, saw your post earlier but I forgot to reply.

We do still play weekly at the church. If you’re on facebook check out our group for updated event postings and such.


If anyone stumbles on this thread, check out the facebook group for more active discussion, as the thread is kind of dead these days.


Hey, I don’t have FB, going internetless here soon, but I’m posting from work. Anyone mind hitting up my email? Recently moved here and looking for weeklies.