Indianapolis, IN: I haven't played that game since I signed the Magna Carta

Maaaan, getting passed dizzy’s projectiles is a damn chore man. xD

So who’s heading to Godlike Sundays on…well…Sunday?

I’ll be there for TTT2 and AE.


Pls come to our events. If you do decide to play Dizzy i’m sure Kyle wouldnt mind showing you her guessing games. Also, where do you buy japanese PSN codes? Theres a game i’ve been wanting to buy from the japanese PSN store for a while.

Block. Dont let her summon for free.

anyone on west side want to carpool to gdlk sundays to save some money?

I can’t make it today because I have plans and I work Sunday - Thursday from 4 PM - 12:30 AM. So I probably won’t get another chance to go until next week, if I don’t have anything planned that is.

As for the Japanese cards, I didn’t look too much into it. I’ve decided to just wait because I have to watch my budget.

[LEFT]GGs to everyone at Arsenal last night. Wolvves, your Yu is getting pretty solid. Maybe if Yosuke grew some balls and stopped being a little bitch he might actually win a few, until then, I’m actually pretty happy to watch him get slapped around. We also had some epic Melty Blood matches, we’re ready for the pros! Gmac, thanks for the Baiken pointers. I didn’t get to play you as much as I wanted, but I figured I would let you and Kyle go at it awhile. GGs on the ones we played. Afro Kyle, I don’t think I actually got to play you, thanks for showing up though, it was nice to at least get to talk comics with someone a bit. Effenhoog, thanks for bringing all the setups (like usual), next time I’ll be sure to at least bring my PS2 stick in case we need a backup PS2 setup. I don’t think we played any other than on the PS2 when you had to use a pad, but we play each all the time, so I think I’ll find a way to live without getting my ass whooped in GG and P4…

So Arsenal had a small group of people show up that are looking for a meetup place on Fridays. I think one may have been a pathfinder group and the other was a group of people wanting to get together to play some FPS games. They were just looking around, but we really need to get a good number the next few Fridays to show Arsenal that we really want to keep our spot.[/LEFT]

that’s White Kyle to you

typical white person, being all racially insensitive and shit

how many of you are going to gdlk sundays?

I will be attending it for Umvc3 and P4A

I’m going, but i don’t have the money to compete. I’m doing commentary.

ggs last night everyone. is there a reason it is on sundays and not saturdays? just trying to give some insight, i also think that the payout should be changed to 100% of the pot to 1st place if there are 8 or less participants in a tournament,. i talked to a couple of people there about it and they agreed. does anyone disagree with that? i’ll try to go to another one within the next few months if i can.

That’s something you would have to bring up to Net. The main reason why sundays though is because the parking is normally cheaper.

not during football season lol

That’s very true lol! Well like i said, there are a few things i do want to talk to Net about for the next few. I’m sure more than sure he would listen to the suggestions

GGs to Kyle and Rob last night. Also, there’s a pretty big match tonight between two big names everyone might want to tune into and watch, It’s a pretty even matchup, so it will be a close one and will be talked about for years to come…


What Highwind said… Wow i’m surprised i agree xD

I’m not interested in that match, neither of them would have got this far if they didn’t use the Democrat and Republican grooves, shit is broken as fuck. Politics is ass, I’d rather watch Sengoku Basara X

Damn, no GG today.

Yeah, i’m really shitty. I want an xbox now JUST for GG xD