INDIE game lovers get a new blog! Anyone know any indie/doujin fighter developers?

I wanted to spread the love. I was exposed to some great INDIE games at PAX EAST 2010!
Some great developers are already featured on this brand new site:

anyone have any thoughts?
I find it to be a great read so far!
Does anyone know any fighting game devs? It would be great to have them on the site!

At Evo finals, I was sitting next to this dude playing some homebrew/doujin game on his laptop called SCVD or some shit like that. It was some cosplay fighting game which I think had almost every anime and video game character in it in one form or another. Mario was a playable character and he is a carbon copy of Ryu, right down to the win poses and fireball animations. There was a stage with One Piece characters off to the right.

here u go, it’s fun

You should talk to Mike Z about his game.

Poverty Wiki

some of the main pages for those games has homepage links for the developers.

Thanks for all that. I wonder if Mike Z would consider himself or his project “indie” or “independent” as he is now teamed up with Reverge studios.

The game looks great, though!

Thanks for the suggestions Gasaraki. I will try to send some emails in Japanese.