Individual Sanwa Stick Parts?

I have several Sanwa JLF series sticks that have seen better days, the white collars have worn down and create dead zones in the center and it just over all does not fit snugly any more.

Is there any place I can get these white collars alone, the springs, black plastic parts, or the E-clip for the bottom? Essentially I need the shaft pieces in order to revitalize a few perfectly good PCB assembly housings.

you can, but it’d probably be cheaper just to get a new stick. None of the local dealers carry the parts, so you’d have to go foreign and that means a big fat s&h. Try or if you must. The parts are about 1/2 the cost of a sanwa stick in it’s entirety btw.

By the way, just try and clean your joystick. sometimes it’s just the gunk that gets stuck in there. Cleaning it can make it feel like new.

Problem is the white piece has actually worn down, comparing it to another. This is causing it to develop that ‘wiggly’ dead zone in the center.
And I was hoping to save these parts, since I have about 4 JLF-TP-8Y base sets that are all missing some pieces, but otherwise salvageable.

I work in an arcade, so I get all sorts of random spare parts, and obviously full new JLFs aren’t too cheap.

Is there a local vendor for the complete sticks?

I had a really old sanwa i got from someone to refurb with the same problem. I dont know about the long term effects of this, but I took some of that stiff clear plastic stuff they use to wrap memory sticks in and cut it down to fit around that white piece. Then i cut a hole where the shaft would go and melted it around the white piece with a lighter (basically real thick shrinkwrap). If that doesnt work, try a second piece. Works really good so far after about a week and saved me some dough.

I can get that…

hey…which one of these is a seimitsu stick ??

their site says its a “Asahi” and “JS-03”. can you confirm that for me and thanks in advance…DOOD ! :tup:

The Asahi is actually a Seimitsu LS-32, the other is a cheaper clone from Zippy which also differs in that it has a longer shaft (to fit thicker wooden panels or something I presume).

w:tup:rd !

I was pretty sure that it was a LS32, thanks for confirming, Mayhem.

i actually bought two from them out of curiosity, since they pretty much didn’t know what a seimitsu was. those Asahis are seimitsus. i wonder why they’re called Asahi, though.

Well, what would I be looking at for the following:

3 white half bearings
1 set of black plastic collars for the joystick shaft (the two parts that fit in between the switches and hold the spring in place.
1 spring
1 e clip

You can download the Sanwa catalog from here (scanned and hosted by TheRealNeoGeo) and there you have the number for each part which makes it easier to order.

I have sent you a PM some time ago but no reply?