Indivisible - Valkyrie Profile + Metroidvania - NOW IGARASHI APPROVED

Decided to make a new thread for this because the game itself and the campaign is in need of some more support.

Indivisible is the upcoming action-RPG from Lab Zero, makers of Skullgirls who’s team has our very own @Mike_Z . The game is a mix of Valkyrie Profile’s combat but with Super Metroid style platforming and exploration.
Additionally, Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta is doing the music for the game.

It’s currently looking for funding via Indiegogo. The team needs to raise $1,500,000 of their budget (the remaining $2,000,000 will be provided by 505 games).

Unlike most other crowd funded games, the entire game as envisioned by the team is covered in the campaign. Nothing is locked out under the guise of “stretch goals”.

More importantly, where most other crowd fund campaigns just give vague promises of gameplay and/or concept art, you can actually play a prototype build of Indivisible right now (Windows only, Linux and Mac builds to follow).

You can download the playable prototype HERE.

The game has so far raised about 150k or 10% of their goal in the span of 3 days (out of 40), but it obviously needs much more.

Bleh, too bad they couldn’t get a different artist. oh well.

Even if you don’t like the art, you should still give the prototype a playthrough.

Meh, I might mess with it, just wishing it wasn’t this scratchy pseodo anime crap. And the thing is dude can draw, it’s just whoever they are chooses to make it look like this…bleh.

Yeah, I don’t like the artstyle.

It looks better than Skullgirls, but any game should look better than Skullgirls when it comes to its aesthetics.

Thought this was an Affinity thread. Dv trolling.

I do need to check the game out though.

If it was Affinity then it would say “Revolutionary” or “World class” or some such other over hype nonsense.

The prototype is free and fun as hell. Its one hell of a game. And the shit they have in store is nuts (went to lab zero studios a couple weeks ago).

This game needs to be made.

I don’t get the disdain for the art style. Looks great to me.

Anyway, I’ve played some of the demo and I’m convinced. I really enjoyed Valkyrie Profile’s combat, and although I am NOT a fan of the Metroidvania level design, I think I can deal with it. After all, VP had some of that in there too.

VP also had a really interesting inventory and leveling system that tied into its story in ways I have never seen before in an action-RPG. If Indivisible can tap into that magic…this could be one of my favorite games of all time.

Yes, lets see what Lab Zero can do.

I like his art just fine now that there’s no obviously underage jailbait schoolgirls all over my screen. The engine Lab Zero uses works really well for this style and looks great in motion.

The prototype keeps fucking up for me though. The image freezes after a few minutes, even though the audio continues, and I can keep inputting commands and playing the game. I just can’t see what’s happening after that point. Haven’t been able to diagnose the problem yet.

LOL looks like someone got really butthurt over having their pervy ass pedo weeb pandering blown up. Skullgirls character design sucked aside from Peacock.

Is the same Alex guy, the artist for Skullgirls, the same artist for this game? If so dear god, I’ve had enough of that guy. For those who do support this, I sincerely hope it does well. Especially since you got the Secret of Mana composer on your side.

I don’t like the art either.
Looks cool though in terms of concept.

Alex is working on the game, but is listed on the indiegogo page as a concept designer instead of an artist this time. It appears that most of his job is going to be working on the story/setting, while kinuko is handling the art.

Well that would explain the character designs then lol. The overall style looks beautiful though, really excited to see this game finished.

Man, I actually like Al’s work and I think this game looks pretty. This might be my 1st indie title for this gen. Kinda excited and I say “kinda” cuz I have never played Valkyrie Profile or any Metroid game, so I’m in the dark on that.

Yea I liked SGs art style. I understand it’s not for everyone tho. The art in this game is lookin pretty great to. Will try and install the “demo” sometime this weekend.


It’s literally a re-skin.

So I’ve gotten to see upcoming stuff. The character designs are so varied and BAD ASS.

Like I’m so hype for some of the upcoming characters/NPCs in this game. Got to chill and talk with Alex about character design (and would freak out if some of the suggestions I made would make it in :slight_smile: )

If SG wasn’t your deal you should love indivisible. The creativity of a character like tungar (yo that urumi turban!) And the characters in the demo are what you can expect.

Good to hear it, I like what little I’ve been able to play of it so far.

Is anyone else on Windows 7 having issues? It said W8 on the fund page, making sure it’s not some weird Windows 7 compatibility issue that’s making the demo’s picture freeze up on me.

Not exactly, the battle mode is more real-time than VPs.

Also, there’s no RNG in combat at all. Stuff that is based mostly on timing (e.g. the boss in the demo has an attack that has a 14 frame window to defend against).

Got it to run fine on Windows 7 (with no service packs).

My only issue so far is that the engine seems to hate my 650M and actually runs faster on the onboard Intel GPU.