Indonesia Creating Prisons With Crocodile Guards


This is actually a pretty good idea. I’d love to see the Mexican cartels try to bribe a prison full of sharks and gators.


Except they probably forgot crocodiles are ambush predators, they can’t run worth for shit…except for 1 second bursts. Not sure how it’s going to work out though, are they gonna throw like 80 crocs in there?


you can’t bride a croc… not even with a months supply of the kitchen slop they been given? how about bribing them with another inmate, kidnap and throw the one you hate in the line of fire, wait for the feeding frenzy… profit

all in all this sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to read what happens in a month.


Eagerly awaiting leaked security footage of dumb fucks getting mauled and screaming for help who thought they could escape.


reading not your strong suit?


This is the goofiest thread title I’ve ever read.


(The thread title is indeed silly despite just a plain descriptor of the situation.)

Even ignoring how silly the whole idea is, anti-bribery aside, this thing sounds like a logistical nightmare for various reasons, including that even if you aren’t using humans as guards, then you still need humans to help feed the crocodiles unless you’re planning on them killing all of the inmates anyway and just doing it an extremely roundabout way that doesn’t even have plausible deniability.

Freudian slip due to a failed attempt? Who felt whom at the altar?

No, wait, I already know:

My condolences.


It was indeed a failed attempt but after review it was far to perfectly imperfect to change, so It belongs to the ages now.