Industrial Lorenzo button help

I really like the feel of IL buttons and wanted to know if these buttons would fit in a Hori rap 4 kai p.s. i am very new to modding arcade sticks and any help will be greatly appreciated

It not be a perfect fit, you find the button holes a little too wide.
But they will fit, if you are careful the rim of the button will cover the opening.

You also need to modify the wiring for the larger quick disconnects

I am 95% sure that the RAP 4 Kai is not tall enough to house iL concave buttons, even the shorty barrel variant.

I know the iL shorty does barely fit in bigger fightstick cases like TE2’s & HRAP 3/HRAP EX’s.

Yeah the IL buttons were designed for arcade cabinets, either with 3/4" wood or metal panel housing. There’s a lot of clearance in IL (and clone) cabinets and control panels, which is why every custom controller with them is always significantly deeper than any of the Japanese parts.

You would want a custom job for that.

For your HRAP4, perhaps you can look into Seimitsu buttons that have more resistance?
I know about Omron V series microswitches and Honeywell, but I think that’s just for joysticks, not buttons…(at least not on Japanese sticks)

U might want to check out the cherry mx buttons @ paradise arcade. They have all sorts of variable resistance buttons. There pretty sweet.

None of that is what the OP is asking about.
He wants to know if Happ/iL buttons are viable option, not to told what other buttons he should be using.

For many people, its not just the firmness of the buttons, its going with a part style they feel familiar with.
A part they feel they know.

Problem here is we are assuming what the OP is looking for instead of asking what he really wants.

@Misterzlava what you want to achieve?

I have seen people fit IL short barrel buttons into a Original Mad Catz TE.
its a tight fit and requires alot of mod work but it is possible.


You have to dremle out the middle layer.

RAP 4 has more room inside than the original TE. It be a difficult fit but it’s possible.
And you have to use short barrel switches.

If I want to offer an alternative for someone looking for American style parts.
For the feeling of the micro switches as well as a simular construction there the Sanwa OBS-30A and OBS-30B buttons. They use the OBS-M-1 switch assembly, and can be modded to take other style microswitches quite easily.Unfortunately OBS-30A and OBS-30B buttons are expensive, and only a few places offer them.

More info here Japanese Buttons with Cherry Switches

Yes mechanically PAS Cherry MX kits for Sanwa buttons offer a easier to install, easier to find option.
It is still a very different from a Happ or IL button ascetically and by feel.

I am surprised no one said the Sanwa RG buttons which are a little bulker than the Seimitsu PS-14 buttons.
Seimitsu PS-14 is a possibility as they are firmer and tougher than the typical Sanwa OSBF and OSBN buttons.

Okay well then the only other thing I could add is that if you just need a few more MMs to fit the buttons you could also source some microswitches where the ground spade is on the short side vs. the long side of the assembly, i.e.

Just posting this pic to illustrate what I mean. Don’t get this specific switch, as it’s $$$ and the pushbutton is not as tall as a stock cherry switch.

@Darksakul what im trying to do is just change up my arcade stick ive always wanted to get my first and now that ive got it the buttons just dont feel like i tought they would ive only played an arcade machine in my local barbershop so i thought all arcade buttons felt like them i just whent on this site to see how much work id have to go through to get close that feel.

Also i whent on focus attack and paradise arcade and bought semitsu ps15 to see if i like them better than kuros, and one iL short barrel to see how i can get it to fit.

I enjoy my semitsu buttons much more than my kuros, and just a bit more than my sanwas. The feeling is more “solid” to me, and a little crisper on inputs.