Industrialization-Ultimate Iron Man Guide:UMVC3 (Extremely In depth)

I’m pleased to bring you technology I have discovered with Iron Man. Ultimately i think he is an upper class character. Enjoy!

I was hoping something like this would come out. Liking in advance. Dropping those SMART BOMBS.

Armor Suit

I seriously hope this board will stop bitching about Iron Man, and stop giving a shit about what other characters can do better than Iron Man. The more people talk about Iron Man sucks compare to the rest of the cast, the more likely you should drop him because you no longer have any faith in your character. It’s a terrible, terrible idea to pick a character without any faith in winning with the character.

Thank you for this tutorial, and keep up the good fight.

Character loyalty FT Dubbs.

He’s hardly a bad character at all. As a matter of fact he’s pretty damn good. Great assists, gdlk normals for a tri dash style character (has the normal annoyance of a character like Task/Dante but has 8 way air dash), perfectly fine high/low game if you just forget that he’s not Magneto, lots of tools for dealing with people at higher to super jump height etc.

Why isn’t this video on front page of SRK?

Great stuff, so much to learn and train in the lab with.

Because Iron Man’s not Vergil/ front page is full of crap/ it’s unlikely anybody other than people who use Iron Man and thus visit the IM forums would watch a 40 minute video on Iron Man

lol why are there two threads for this? For twice the discussion? Very clever…

Lol, could some one get it front paged? I really want this to get out to alot more people.

Ok it’s on the front page now. Good. I posted it on GAF to get it some more exposure. Really good stuff. I just have one question… what’s your way of dealing with hard rushdown (like Wolverine getting underneath you while bunny hopping and going for Berserker Slash) and hard keepaway like Hawkeye? I really like the usage of Doom Beam to get Iron Man’s game going.

This video got me thinking again now. After getting bodied by Arthur and my inability to use the Drones effectively against him and protect the Drones in general, I am starting to think maybe a fast projectile assist or the always godlike Akuma Tatsu would be more use to me to dance in and out as I am more used to his movement, especially you can hit confirm easier off them during a ground string which some something Drones can’t do.

But I do have a strong dislike of Akuma, he is boring and his assist is too universally good so its massively overused. On top of that I can’t really play those projectile assist characters and I find Sentinel quite interesting to play, even though I am crap with him. I see some similarly between Sentinel and IM though with all the fly/unfly stuff and long range air normals, so maybe I can improve my game quicker by having him in the team.

I am really unsure right now, maybe it is time to head to the lab again to try these stuff. I prefer playing against people for learning, but with offline game unavailable, online matches are way too stressful for me, I probably rage about it more than the rage quitters.

Its always hard to get in on hawkeye, but Iron mans boxdash is like a expose of a blind spot to hawkeye. Iron Man has a very high jump and because of that he can jump and dash over many things hawkeye throws out easily. Just watch out for gimlet.

Iron man can keep rushdown characters off him easily, by using repulsor blast sparingly and a mixture of J.h variations.

great video mr terrace. I have renewed faith in ironman…

Thanks for the answer. I like to use j.S when they get too close because it might sometimes cross up if they are directly underneath.

Thanks for the video man! at first i was just using Iron Man for his beam assist on my Iron Fist/Iron Man/Strider team.
but after seeing this Iron Man looks really cool so i think i’ll be sticking with this team! :smiley:

This video is awesome however I have to put my face 6 inches from the computer screen to read black font on red background. What is the reasoning behind black font on dark background? I know it would be a lot of work to go back and change it but white font would have made this video so much more digestible.

EDIT: Had to stop watching this because its just combo after combo and then blocks of un-readable text. Please fix the video man.

EDIT: Okay, I pumped it up to 720 resolution and full screened it and now I can actually read the notes. Anyone trying to watch this please do the same. Op should warn people lol

for the love of fsm use white font on a dark background next time

I love that this video exists. So many people want to play as the supposed “top tier” characters all the time and it ends up thinning the cast to the first 3-5 characters that people can get really good with. If there’s anything I’ve learned about this game it’s that you can be competitive with ANY character. So why not play characters you like instead of what’s popular?

Minus PW and Hsien Ko and that’s true. I do think Iron Man is a lot better than people give him credit for.