Indy GameWorks Tourney

On January 20th GameWorks Indianapolis will be having a Marvel Tourney.

It will be on console (Dreamcast), and bringing your own stick is highly recommended.

Registration starts at 2:15 p.m., and the tourney starts at 2:45 p.m.

It will be a double elimination, best 2/3 - best 4/7 for winners finals

$5.00 entry fee

We may have a couple of in house sticks for players to use, but don’t count on it.

This is our first Marvel tourney so bear with us if things don’t run like clockwork the whole time :slight_smile:

Everyone is welcome to join.

Prizes are TBA

If you guys/gals need any addition information just ask.


Here is the address

49 W. Maryland St., Circle Centre Mall, 4th Flr., Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-226-9267

Top floor of the Mall, above the food court. Same floor as United Artist Theatre. More than likely the tournament will take place in our theatre on the big screen.

Come on, add in 3rd strike :).

I might be down for that.

Some further info on the venue, location etc, would be appreciated.

Yeah, seeing as how it’s all console no reason to neglect the other big games – would definitely help turnout (3s/T5?)

I’m downright shocked there is a tournament here at all in Indianapolis.

I agree with the others. Although I know Indy is Marvel Territory, you might get some more people with a third strike and Tekken tournament. Hell if you want I’ll run Third Strike if we can enough TVs and stuff.

Regardless of what you have going on, I’ll be there for sure. I’ll see what Fort Wayne, and Bloomington is doing.

yes!! add 3rd strike! i know i’d definitely be there if i could play 3rd strike. pleeeease!

If you throw in 3rd strike I’ll definitely be there with a couple of people as well.

3rd Strike seems to be raising some eyebrows.

You guys should consider it.

Indy is Marvel territory? I’m all over it.

I’ll talk to the tourney coordinators and see if they will consider adding 3S. As far as Tekken goes will still only have 5.0

I’ll keep you guys posted.


yea i cant wait this is getting very interesting:rofl:

So does Indy have some underground leet marvel scene no one knows about? I try to be familiar of every marvel head/scene in the midwest, since sadly, they are a raredy nowadays.

Indy is VEGA territory.

Soon to be AMINGO territory in a few weeks if work lets me come! :wgrin:

Ghettoontherise said there’s a group that plays that’s OK but they’re all hermits – don’t travel even to play him or the Ft Wayne crew I guess let alone majors. The one of them I know was trying to talk shit to me about his Cammy owning on Mags/Storm on point and more scrubbery, he didn’t win them any points :rofl: Told him Cable doesn’t enjoy beating up his woman but he’ll do what’s it takes.

Damn, well they’re in for a rude awakening…Although I have seen good Cammy’s who can take on top tiers (JustinW, Who, etc.), I doubt one of them resides in Indianapolis.


Indy guys: Is there any possibility that you could throw CvS2 in the bunch? I would even run the tourney and bring the Dreamcast! Any possibility of this happening?

Maybe Dave could run a tourney as well like Super Turbo or Third Strike?

Wow, I didn’t think anyone had ever heard of us at all…and then I find out about some “godly” Cammy player that owns all the Mag/Storm based teams here…

I know exactly who you are…and all I’m going to say is we will see how well you do in the tournament :rolleyes:

This tourney is all about revitallizing the the scene, and hopefully meeting some good/great/godly Marvel/3S players.

I for one am tired of playing the same five people every weekend.

There is some who has a bunch of arcade units in his home, and has parties/tournaments in Fort Wayne. Does anyone know who he is?

You guys want CvS2 as well eh? Damn…I’ll ask them about it as well. THis shit is getting too hype…:rofl:

Edit: Who is Dave? We don’t post on here regularly, so don’t be offended if we have never heard of any of you. Thats part of the reason why we are hosting this thing. If it goes well, we will add more games to the roster, and make it a monthly thing. Ranbats/Team tourneys, etc.

Dave is ghettoontherise and the person who throws arcade parties is Abe.

Indy would be the perfect spot for tournament locations because I believe it’s close for all of us.

Do any of you play CvS2?

Abe throws the parties. His username on here is WKDCLWN. You really need to get in good with him and come to a party sometime. As the Indy crew has been described above…hermits…very true. I’ve been trying to get Indy folks to come visit us for months and months now but to no avail.

Fort Wayne has had a nice scene that is still holding on I suppose, and Bloomington is certainly coming along very nicely. It would help a lot if Indy would step up and join the mix, which is apparently what you are trying to get started. That’s a good thing!

I believe if you get to know us and see us play there are many good players at many games. Some are tough at Marvel (Nunes), several are tough at 3S (Ghetto, Heihachi, me), not much for CvS2 but I’d have to crown Heihachi on that, maybe Ghetto. I’d say I’m the ST guy pretty easily (and I’ll bring that for PS2 if I can make it, no word from work yet if I can get off), and Tekken is hands down our friend Milan (The Truth). I know there are some folks in Indy who might think otherwise but Milan has proven himself against the best in the midwest and against some tough players elsewhere I believe.