Indy GameWorks Tourney


I should count as NW Indiana as well, since I’m like 30 seconds from it.


Hopefully this goes well, and becomes a regular thing. Though it prolly won’t be on the roster this month, I know a few peeps who would like to play some AE/CCCVol.2 Super Turbo.

There is also a local Tekken player who swears he is the best player in Indpls. A so called “Legend”. I don’t like Tekken 5, but it would be nice if someone who really knows how to play would show him there is more to the game than spamming Phoenix Smashers against the computer.

As far as the parties go, when is he going to host the next one?


Cle is pretty known in Tekken, I can see if they can get a weekend free and come down. Still not sure if I can make it, depends on what other OH people are up to :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you guys are trying to spark your scene.

Can you post more info on prizes? If it’s all GW crap instead of money (Namco has tried to pull that shit at our aladdin’s castle) that would be a drag. It’s a standard 70/20/10 spilt for each game? Any bonus $$ or anything?


Phoenix Smashers eh…well damn I can deal with that…lemme at em :rofl:

Anyways, yeah I’m David from Bloomington. I used to hold tournaments here in Bloomington, but popularity really dropped after the first one so they’re on hold right now. I’m definitely excited about this tournament. Let me know if you need anything for this tournament (TV’s, systems, etc) and I’ll try to make it happen.


Legend69 Brent (who is “the other Brent” in my book because I’m the real Brent) says there will be MvC2, 3S, T5, and SSBM. Is this all for sure? If so it should be advertised to help draw in lots more folks. 3S will draw in many more, T5 might draw more players, and I’m sure SSBM will draw a lot of players.

We really need Milan to come to this to see who is better. My money would be on Milan but then again you just never know what will happen.


Right now its just mvc2 we dont know about the others for sure yet were trying to get ahold of the head guy to get 3rd strike if we get a good turnout well add more games



Third Strike is officially part of the roster.

I talked to the man in charge and if you guys want a cash prize, the entry fee will be bumped up to ten. They were going to offer GameWorks and CyberCafe type prizes (i.e. a months worth of gameplay and such)

It would be as follows:

Ten dollar entry fee for each game

1st place finisher in each game gets 60% of the pot for that game.

More participants equals more profit. 2nd and 3rd place finishers do not get a cash prize. What they get is currently unknown.

Now, as far as SSBM and Tekken 5.0, I say ask the man in charge himself. Dave, we need all the systems, sticks, and t.v.s you can bring along. That goes for all of you, but please understand you are responsible for your own stuff.

Now then, if you want to contact our tourney coordinator, here is his information:

Desmond Hooten - Indianapolis Pro Gamers League - cell: (317) 457-5355

He also runs tourneys for Halo 2 - Madden 200X - Fight Night Round 3 - Guitar Hero 2

Word of mouth and message boards are our primary means of advertising right now, so everyone, please do what you can to make this event successful. If it is, rest assured this will become a regular thing.

Thank you all for your time, and for your help. I hope to see you all there.


What system is 3rd strike going to be ran on. Need to make sure I bring the right arcade stick. 10 isn’t that bad, hopefully enough people will get into the scene so we can start having regular tournies.


ky would come but everyone, and i mean everyone here is now pretty much ggxx/

it would be a good chance for some of you to play Kugler(evo placer) before he moves back to reno
others here are very close to his skill lvl


I’m glad you brought that up Mario.

Knyghtfall - I’m sure the folks that bring consoles and games will take care of this, but the 3S tournament needs to be ran on the PS2 version found on SF2 AC. That’s the tournament standard for 3S console stuff.

Another question…I know this won’t be a tournament this time but would anyone else be interested in playing some SSF2T if I bring CCC2 for PS2? Whew that was too many acronyms. :rofl: Anyway I’ll probably bring that along if I come (and yes I will FINALLY figure out this week what my work says about that day cuz I’m gonna hunt down the sight supervisor and ask him about it).


OOO I’ll take months worth of free games…and %60 of pot. Everyone come out and support marvel yea!


I’d go if there was guilty gear


$10 entry is definitely fine. If we can make it, I’d be happy to run 3s (brackets, keep it moving, mediate) and bring systems/TV.


so where does 40% of the pot disappear to? is that a venue fee? it starts looking hella shady when you take money out of the prize pool for venue fees. charge $5 or $10 if you have to help pay for the place, but keep the pot untouched and do the traditional 70/20/10 split for 1st/2nd/3rd.

if you’re having an OFFICIAL cvs2 tournament, it’ll make me more interested in coming.


I’m guessing it’s GW being shady in general. I do think it would make GW a lot more money if they stuck to a standard venue/prize situation – and it’s kind of discouraging to people to travel this way, even for the good IN people.


Brent- I’ll be down to play Turbo. We’ve been playing a lot of it lately. We tried to get some matches at Nickel City last weekend but I guess there was something wrong with one of the joysticks.

I’m just glad that I don’t have to drive 2 or 3 hours to play in a decent tourney. That’s considering I only live 20 minutes away. As far as the pot, let’s keep the out of town players in mind in terms of making it worthwhile for them to make the trek. Maybe throw in some bonus prizes for them.


Meta- Are you the Purdue player with the beastly Makoto?


Well well well sluts, it’s official…FINALLY THE BRENT HAS COME BACK TO INDIANAPOLIS!!! :rofl:

I’ll be there, and bring CCC2 for SSF2T. I also may bring a camera to record some matches which I can get on dvd but I don’t have the proper equipment to get it online (it’s not digital so I can’t just buy a cord).

I will have to borrow a stick all the time though. I used to have one but it’s not exactly in my possession anymore. :sad: I suppose my bud Dave (ghetto) will let me borrow his when possible but I’ll need help from others if that’s ok cuz sometimes Dave might need it too when I’m ready to play.

I can’t wait to see everyone again that I’ve met previously and also meet new folks from Indiana. I suck at Tekken & MvC2 so 3S is gonna have to be the game I do good at. But hopefully folks get a kick out of seeing a little Amingo in action. He never ceases to surprise! But in the meantime anybody that smokes me out of the Tekken & MvC2 tournaments can play me later at ST and then tell me what you think cuz that’s my game. :mad:


Champion Ryu has that shit, but I know how you fear the “imbalance” of AE!

I just remembered that my gf’s birthday is this weekend and I’m also pretty sure no one from OH will be going. GL w/ this, hope GW loosens up their prize situation, hope to see some of you at MWC (still up in the air for us too :P)


Damn, I wish I knew about this sooner, I would have came. As it is now I wil lbe in Fort Wayne at the Buckcherry concert that weekend. Hope this goes well, I’d be interested in going to the next one.