Inescapable Chip-kill Methods List


I talked about this with Sugiyama a long time ago. We came up with the most innovative ways of killing someone on 1 pixel HP (after a knock down). Obviously there is Gouki’s KKZ and Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken + throw. But we came up with some flashy ideas that will guarantee damage, giving them no way of escaping. Feel free to mention anything else that comes to mind.

  • Gouki’s Red Hadouken > CANCEL into KKZ
  • Oro’s SA2 > Walk up command grab while they parry the SA2
  • Hugo’s Clap > CANCEL to Gigas Breaker if they parry (only works on characters with no Shoryuken/Super/Invincible moves)


Akuma red hadoken cancel into demon


Practically inescapable for all characters, literally inescapable by some characters (same as the Shinkuu chip setup): Aegis on them knocked down in the corner, throw, or just mash stuff.



I wouldn’t be so bold with that one. How do you throw them? Still have to react to parry timing and be close enough.

I can down parry once and throw your Urien, hopefully a throw that has horizontal movement to get out of the Aegis trap once the throw is finished, Aegis may dissipate on its own as well. Or for Remy, he gets hit mid -his- throw. :sad: Have it on Video twice.

The “mash” can change parry timing by adding more to consider and deal with but Aegis Parry timing in there stays the same.


If the fireball doesn’t chip them out they can jump out before the demon hits them. If they parry they’re screwed though which is great. same with chip out hp srk if they parry do demon.

this may be just me sucking at execution but for the life of me i can’t super cancel red fireball into kkz with akuma. i can occasionally do normal fireball xx demon for lolz. I didn’t think you could supercancel any special into kkz actually.


This is kind of a fluke, but

Edit: NVM! The health bar is on the opposite side! D:


Umm… what? I think you just brainfarted bro


so it appears that posting after i get off a 14 hour shift at work is a bad idea. still can’t red fireball xx kkz though