Inescapable throws?

I’ve been playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix a lot as of late, and it seems like many characters, particularly Ken, Guile, and Dhalsim, have throw setups that I find myself completely unable to escape. I can list the ones I recognized right off the bat.

Ken: Knee bash, j.LP, land, repeat
Dhalsim: Noogie, LK drill, repeat
Guile: Suplex, LP Sonic Boom, repeat

I’m using Chun-Li, whom I’ve been told is the worst character in the game. Is the problem just that she has no way to deal with this, or is there something that I’ve missed in my research? I’d appreciate any information that could be offered. Thanks in advance.

First of all, Chun is by far NOT the worst character in the game.

Your problem is, in all SF2 games, throws take 1 frame, opposed to 3 or 4 frames in sf4. The opponents are tick throwing you which is sort of also in sf4, but the difference is it is a lot easier to escape in sf4 because of the slower start up. In sf4 you can jump away from throws if you know they are coming or you can use reversal the throw. In sf4 the time where you can input a move for it to be a reversal is a lot larger, so it is easier to escape. You can read up about ssf2thdr tick throws here -

So the best ways to escape a throw trap in sf2 is to land a reversal. You can see a list of all reversals here-

As you can see you will use chun li’s upkicks to beat any throw or hit. This is very hard to time perfectly so it will take a lot of practice to get down. You can also throw the opponent yourself, if you opponent doesn’t make it a true tick throw setup (you have time between when the hit you and when they throw you) you can throw them. Also if you throw them the same frame they throw you during a trap, you have a 50/50 chance of throwing them yourself, and if you throw a little to late you will still soften most throw and make the trap harder for them.

Also chun li has a trap herself she can use, use her :df::hk: move to cross you opponent up as they get up, if they get hit, they fall to the ground and you can do it again. If they block it, you can throw them and then repeat. Its a very hard trap to get out of.

And you forgot the list balrog’s throw trap, which is by far the most deadly. He will try to cross under you or fake you out and not cross under you, so block correctly and then use a reversal, or just try a reversal right away.

I was going to do a long response but Jdude already hit most of the points in his. A few things to consider though is that say with Ken, if he’s jumping in with jab and you don’t have your down charge, right when he’s in close hit him with a standing forward and Chun’s kick will beat it. If you’ve already been knocked down and he’s jumping in with that you’ll probably have to block high for it (unless you start charging RIGHT away for your upkicks). If you keep charging down and he connects that jab, he can air tatsu then sweep to start you over again, or if he’s deep enough in that ass he can hit standing roundhouse instead of sweep and hope to stun you. Chun’s strong throw is good still, just tap that some after you block the jumping jab (or a lot of Kens actually use fierce) and you should beat his throw.

Reversal move (upkicks, super) or counter throw.

Ken’s j. jab after a knee bash is usually a safe jump, so trying to reverse it with upkicks is a bad idea. Just throw him after blocking it. Chun’s throw range is better than Ken’s, especially his knee bash since it has shorter range than his other throws. Piano strong and fierce to up your chances of getting your throw.

Reversal throw or upkick Sim’s tick attempts. Upkicks can be useful here depending on range. But noogie range is shorter than his fierce throw range, so a counter throw shouldn’t be too hard.

You can out throw Guile any day of the week. Just work on timing it properly and pianoing your throws. Upkicks will also beat his throw* and *overhead, both are common followups used by Guiles.

Also correction to Jdude; Chun’s :df::hk: neckbreaker never crosses up in HDR.

And Chun Li is mid tier.