Inevitable 2008: DamageCon- 5.31.08 NEW UPDATES

Inevitable 2008: DamageControl- Memphis,Tennessee - MAY 31, 2008

Inevitable 2008: "DamageControl"

Executive Inn
3222 Airways Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38116

Official list of games

**Registration: $15 (after april 30)
**Entry Fee: $10 per game singles

                $20 per team ( if we do teams.)

***Visitors: $10

Sports/Shooters -

Cancelled Due to lack of support

Room Rates start at $45 and up a night,
Updates will follow:

  • Automatically gives you 6 tickets for the raffle for $100

** Automatically gives you 2 tickets for the raffle for $100

***Automatically gives you 4 tickets for the raffle for $100

Money Matters

General Registration: $15.00
(It Includes Trophies, Badges, Staff, etc.)

Visitor Admit: $10 (If youre just watching, supporting, or being HYPE) -
(It automatically enters you into the raffle for $100)

All players contributing to the events with TVs, consoles, and such please email** **

Leave a private message for Industry in your respective forum.

We will need a list to stay organized of who has what, so we can be able to accomadate.

Per game entry: $10 (singles competion); $20 (Team competitons limit is 4 players per teams.)

“This goes directly to the pot, so the bigger the crowd, the more money you stand to make!!”

Mini-Game Entry: $5

Payouts: "Fighter Games"
Tekken 5 Dr, Guilty Gear AC, Soul Calibur 3, Virtua Fighter 5r, Street Figher Third Strike

Pots will be paid:
60% - 1st place
30% - 2nd place
10% - 3rd place

Raffle: $100 - Cash
Upon paid entry into the competition you will receive 2 tickets that will automatically enter you into the drawing for $100.

Extra Tickets can be purchased at the registration table for $1.

**Wanna Pre-Register for all the Madness??


Official Tournament Rules: General Guide-Lines
Category: Games

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These are the rules that we have deemed reasonable and fair to all with reguards to attending our events.

Respect Rule - You dont have to be a social buff to know that everyone deserves respect. Respect of property and respect of personal space will maintain a mature atmosphere amongst the gaming events.

-No rude jestures, Serious Threats, or Fighting, will be tolerated in the gaming events this year.

-Fighting will get you ejected from the building and possibly arrested if you continue.

Communication Rule - If you do not know how to properly communicate then this rule is for you. If you dont have something positive to say, dont say it. Even though most of the players are men, they are still human; they have feelings too.

-Trash talk is a Memphis-TN Tradition in competitive gaming, but if you rudely go overboard you will be DQed and possibly removed from the venue.

-If you have to go to the restroom /car /smoke a cig /whatever please comminicate with a friend or with the officials so that your match-up is not forfitted or you do not get disqualified.

Considerate Rule - Be considerate of the fact that there are alot of people that will be at this event, and everyone wants to warm up and play. Dont hog the screens.

-Usually in casuals with several players the set should be no more than 2 of 3.

-MMs are cool during the events as long as they are ran on MM/Casual screens- Please understand that if you loose, that is your business; you need to move on with honor. Super Battle Network is not responsible nor will we be held responsible for loses in MM match-ups. These are play at your own risk events that may happen during the games.

Pay Attention Rule - People get DQed for not paying attention . If you have an upcoming match, be alert as we want to move the process as smooth as possible. Failure to respond to your name being called for a match will go as followed:

1st call 2 minute wait if no response

2nd call 1 minute wait if no response/ 1st match forfit

3rd call 30 sec. wait if no response/ 2nd match forfit

If you loose a match due to time forfit please do not harass the officials cause of your lack of communication.

Other Rules may apply from specific events…

More updates to come…

Any chances on any of the 2D titles like CvS2, 3rd Strike or Super Turbo???

Yea we gotta poll up to see what people wana play


just leave your suggestions here lets make this the pump up next!!

KOF11 is not listed but being considered
Arcane Heart is not Big but if people say they wan it we will make it happen.

i’m down if there is some 3s/cvs2/alpha

3s or super turbo and ill come

3s please!!!

3rd stike is within reach

So Which do we want to play on arcade or console. If it is arcade then I can have the standing cabinet on location .

The goal is to have 3s, and MVC2 in perfect condition on the arcades \

but if ya’ll wana just go console let me know and we will just run the set ups

MVC2 on DC will be the best choice for console play I fell but let me know so I can tell the team…

thanks for your reply’s

Oh and if you wana contact me

My Yahoo IM: digital_team_ink

My AIM: IndustryTN

Im there. Count me in for

VF5(even though I suck)
NBA2k8 (got plenty guys to bring for this one)

And if in, maybe

SF33S (Playing AC has caused me to blow at this game now)
MvC2 (Just for the hell of it)

But I want to watch the
Brawl tourney. I could bring some straight up U of M killers to the Mt. Keep me posted.

Tekken 5 DR will be PS3, and NBA 2k8 will be X360 I presume?

Mike I am going to dance at your wedding for all of your support.
I will keep you posted.

that would be correct accept DR may be on Arcade but the ports are in good condition and you can bring your converters for other consoles but the full list and the detail will be released this week.

Thank you again for your support!!

3’s qusetion’s

**Would you all like to play 3S…???

Console (PS2)??
Arcade (Standing Cabinet)??

I am a arcade junky but it may be more comfortable the other way for some competitors…Chime in??**

**Also if you play sport which would you rather play

Live 08 or 2K8***

Ewww. You mean to tell me Live is still considered playable? As for 3S, I’m used to pad but I might not even play at all so you should probably wait until the non-GG playing TN guys post.

May 31, I should be able to make it. I would be down for the 2k8, GGAC, and VF5 even though, I stink at that game. I would like some Melty Blood but, I’m not sure if it’s popular enough for it to be considered.

You peeps rock

To hell with the people that say vidoe gaming is just for kids!!(ok random thought)

i’d say ps2 for 3s, the speed of the game is slightly faster on ps2 than it is on cabinet, and i’m pretty sure most people are used to console over arcade (since it’s hard to find in arcades nowadays). food for thought.

Yea it has been a tough decision on 3S cause we hav the cabinet for it here but if people perfer the PS less lifting for me. lolz

the feedback is much appreciated… Hope you can make it.

if you already got a 3s cabby then ARCADE ALL THE WAY!!! why go out for burgers when you got steak at home?

just make sure them sticks aint junk or you gonna have alot of pissed off players in that piece

arcade or bust

arcade is the best. console is so different.

Just an up date

Tell Me What ya think!!!