Infiltration is the final boss


Can anyone stop this man?


Probably a random mika



True that. Infiltration said in BornFree’s interview, he’s afraid of mika players :smiley:


He only says that to make Mika players think they have a chance and then crush them.


Why did Justin have to drop those 2 combos and give us a repeat of Final Round19 Grand Finals, I stopped watching once JWong lost.


Daigo… pls…


I’m really looking forward to when Daigo throws his hat into the ring. I always thought his rivalry with Infiltration was the best in SF4. Lets make it happen for SFV.

I heard on Daigo’s recent twitch vid, he spent a lot of time analyzing Nash and finding anti-Nash strategies for Ryu. Wonder who that was for =]


Knowing Infiltration he would dominate the entire competition with Nash until the day he faces Daigo…then he busts out his own crazy Mika to throw everyone off.


Once someone gets 5 perfects in top 32 and then reaches grand finals, Daigo will appear as the hidden boss.


and then lupe


Now that was funny!!!


You must defeat Lupe to stand a chance


Loving your new avatar.