Infiltration, Street Fighter V, Matcherino and Canada Cup 2016- word of warning


I apologize in advance if this post is in the wrong location. I figured this was about Street Fighter V so I wold post here.

Canada Cup 2016 and Matcherino offered a number of prizes and offers to help support the tournament. Some of the offers were Street Fighter V coaching sessions with top players. This was heavily promoted by the commentators and can be evidenced if you watched the stream. One of the coaching sessions was with Infiltration. Being a fellow Korean, I had been a supporter of his and purchased one of his coaching sessions for $100. This was back in October 2016. I have not heard from him. I have talked with the folks at Matcherino who responded that they will try to talk with Razer’s reps but this was over a month ago. Please note that I was the ONLY one to purchase a coaching session with him. I can understand that he might be busy and if so, I have asked that the portion of the money that went to Infiltration be returned to me. I had indicated that the portion that went to Canada Cup need not be returned as I would like to continue supporting the scene. No response. To say the least, I am disappointed that one of the biggest names in SF would act like this and also disappointed at Razer in their lack of communication as well.

If Markman or anyone else associated with Razer can help resolve this, please PM me. Honestly, it is less about the money and more about disrespecting those that support the FGC, the player and the companies he represents.

No disrespect to Canada Cup or Matcherino.
However, if there are future offers by Razer or Infiltration, I would avoid them. They can’t be trusted.


I could have given you a better teaching session probably for free. Don’t fall for these top player coaching shenanigans. 100 dollars is too much no matter what he could have taught you

I would make sure you tweet markman since he seems to be really active there lately promoting razer


Kudos for supporting the scene, I hope you get your money back.

I will say about Matcherino donation bonuses, while I have never donated for a coaching session, I did for other items… One was delayed and to make up for it they sent double and the other got to me about a week earlier than expected. I got nothing but love for Matcherino and will stan for them in the fullest.


That’s very unprofessional to just let an inquiry go unanswered like that :s

But I’m sure you will get it resolved eventually :slight_smile:


Thank you @“DevilJin 01” for the offer and advice. Hope this gets resolved eventually but this post was more to give advice to others tempted by offers while being hype at watching a tournament. Thusfar, caveat emptor with Infiltration and Razor.


does he even know about it? contact him via twitter.


I was told via Matcherino that he and his representatives from Razer were contacted after Canada Cup as well as after I told them that I was never contacted to arrange a time to meet for the coaching session. Thanks for the suggestion though.


Just an update. No response from Markman though I don’t think he really has any involvement with this specific issue. I tried to contact Infiltration via Twitter which got deleted. Just have less respect for the guy and again, word of warning if Infiltration or the companies he represents provides such offers in the future.


Who don’t you try reaching Core-A Gaming? He seems to know the guy.


okay…that sucks.


I’d assume that his twitter is also monitored and managed by Razer so don’t immediately assume Infiltration deleted it. Either way that’s a complete bummer dood, hopefully this gets resolved for you.