Infiltration's juri

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There’s a lot of chars Infiltration is training it seems and this twitch channel post 3h vids pretty much every day it seems…

damn that was some fast paced matches, i started to get dizzy watching them. i can’t stand M.bison, it seems like his moves are safe on block. I looked up his frame data and he should be punishable on block.

I like how he seems to have figured out early on that MK is Juri’s best button.

Infiltration (has) played Juri for a long time. I think in 2011 he rocked Akuma/Juri.

Pretty sure he has exp with her from the very start. He used Juri a lot in 2010/Evo 2010. Moved to Akuma for seriousness.

is Infiltration one of the best Juri user’s?..

I have no idea, but that one dude on xbox Lutuna is amazing with Juri. that xWA saix dude is good too.

I like younashi’s Juri, He plays very solid. Lutuna is good too, I think their gameplay is a good foundation for new Juri users.

Kail has/had a pretty good Juri as well, but i havent heard from the guy in a minute. Think he’s mostly NY exclusive tourney wise

Last i remember he hit a slump in Street Fighter altogether kinda like I did. But before then he had some nasty shit going on with FSE. Mixups and resets for days.

I need to start jumping back on the SF wagon personally. Had a bad showing at a tourney a year ago and lost my drive to get better. Plus there is my confusion between stick and pad. I can play stick on anything except SF4 for some reason.

EDIT: Dizz thats my Juri AV. you cant has

This wasn’t really great Juri play… He was jumping a lot (using Akuma tactics with Juri doesn’t work) and throwing out dive kicks everywhere. He did a lot of unsafe stuff which I assume wasn’t punished because of “pro fear” that he instilled in his opponent to press buttons.

As previously stated, there are plenty of other decent Juri’s, on the Japanese scene, lutuna, good_time01 and yosann are all solid players. For American scene, WeirdoNeo, Kailkun, genkibot, Juicebox all have decent Juris.

goodtime_01 / Miya
Sora Wings

Lutuna is pretty fraud imo but thats maybe because we only see him loosing on YT

For america I only really like Eish, Juicebox, Kail and Genki (although he isn’t murrican)

Love Younashi’s playstyle, and it seems to be the best one, assuming his ratio and results in tournaments. He has a really all zoning gameplay with a lot of ultra 2.
I also like Yossan for his U1 gard opening and choicesn but he’s too “rushy” for me. Lutuna and aiaitomo are between those 2 players in term of gameplan, and I think I’m near there too (despite I’ld rather play like Younashi).
I didn’t saw Kail playing real matchs that much but his concept video were very helpfull for my works.

Infiltration came in france a couple of times, he plays Juri since SSF4. He think really fast, and is pretty good with her. But it’s one of his worst characters, if we compare with akuma/gouken/Hakan/Ryu. Alioune said he was tough with all of these characters except Juri. But I like the way he choose his ultra depending on matchup !

He started out with Akuma in Vanilla SF4. He moved to Juri for a time in Super, then stayed mainly with Akuma.

Right now, I know that he’s at least training Rose as well…all too well. (I’ve always hated that matchup.)