Infini and Alpha's new request thread

New thread, same rules.

The current wait list:

  • AudioProject (still waiting on the background you wanted)
  • JEDI KNIGHT (a new Sent av)
  • Polites (resizing the avatar to sig size)
  • Archangel_Ryu (a Gogo av)
  • Studmaster (a May and Millia av)

So, that’s the score. Thread’s open.

Polites: Here’s your tag.

The current wait list:

  • AudioProject (A Storm av)
  • JEDI KNIGHT (a new Sent av)
  • Archangel_Ryu (a Gogo av)
  • Studmaster (a May and Millia av)

Oh my bad I forgot to attach the pic. Here…
And the rest of my request is in your guys’ last request thread.

Thanks, man. My gratitude.

Nice work, InfiniDragon615:)

hey since this is a coop thread now, i just wanted to tell you that i dont care witch one of you makes my av. i love both you guys work.


hey man i dont have a request but i do have a question…

ive seen peeps request “tags” and they are like super av’s almost 4 or 5 times bigger than the av’s we use here so i was just wondering where and for what are people using these tags for…jus wondering but any help would be great

oh yeah i guess i lied about not having a request because maybe i do…lemme know if either of u are not busy or what not…holla

Yeah, a “tag” is a much larger version of an av, placed where we put signatures. SRK doesn’t use tags, but a lot of forums allow them. They’re usually wider than they are tall; my usual tag size is 400 x 100.

And no, I’m not busy. If you want something, go ahead and ask-you’ll be on my list in no time.

aight man…put this pic like on the right side of the av…kinda cut the background out and just have the teacher/tiffany in the av…u can make the bg look like whatever…make it orange or something that will stick out and on the left side but the 2nd pic i attached with a lil comic message type thingy of sakura saying “they’re just soooo big!!!”…cut the bg outta that pic too…u know how to work it…thanks in advance

ok man i just really looked at the pics and could u like reverse the first pic and put it on the left…then have the sak/chun pic on the right…i dunno…im retarded…make it look as tho sak and chun are looking towards the other pic and what not…

oh yeah im no fag but make the bg pink…like hot pink cuz on the right side of chunny and sak’s face they have pink from the original pic…so unless u can fixx that which im sure u prolly cant then just go ahead and make the bg pink so it matches

thnxs in advance!!!

Yeah, I’ll take the requests, but not at school. That Cammy pic might get me kicked off for what it implies. :wink:

Audio: Here’s your av.

The current wait list:

  • JEDI KNIGHT (a new Sent av)
  • Archangel_Ryu (a Gogo av)
  • Studmaster (a May and Millia av)
  • The 4Day Ibuki (two SF avs)

@ Archangel_Ryu and Shenhua: Thanks for the encouragement. :slight_smile:

no no no no its one av…both pics are to be in the av just one on the left and the other pic on the right…read the details again and if u have ?'s let me know

Hey. I already PM’ed Alpha about my av that I wanted but I thought i might as well post here as well. Can i have an avatar with the kool-aid man? Sorry I don’t have any particular pics in mind.


EDIT: Hey btw can you put a border on my av? you know what ur doin so whatever color u think looks good. thx.

Yeah, I was contemplating adding one anyways…I’ll get it when I get home.

@ 4Day: OK, OK! One av.:lol: it’ll be done later today. :slight_smile:

@ Audio: Here’s the fixed av.

thx infini, your the man:)

I should have yours today, hopefully. Just giving you a heads-up.

JEDI KNIGHT: Here’s yours.

The wait list:

  • Archangel_Ryu (a Gogo av)
  • Studmaster (a May and Millia av)
  • The 4Day Ibuki (a SF av)
  • kz0060 (a Kool-Aid Man av)

I think that’s everybody.

kz0060: Here’s yours…OH YEAAAH!!! Sorry, had to do it once, it’s the Kool-Aid Man. :lol: