Infini's new request thread


So, here’s the new request thread, I think everyone remembers the rules. But in case you don’t, just keep in mind I’ll do anything that isn’t insane (20 KB limit everyone) or breaks any av rules (you know which rules I’m talking about).

So…that’s the score. Request away.


hello Im looking for a Marval AVatar.

Blue is the color of choice. I would like my name on it either
"Lord-Iceman or Cool-Breeze"

The Characters of choice are Cable Storm Sentinel.

Thanks ahaead if you can do it I greatlly appreciate it.:cool:


Okay, I’ll do this one now.


I have a request. Could you make me an avatar using the pic of Venom on this page.

I was hoping you could make one with his face all snarly like that, but have adifferent background. Something Dark and cool!!

I have seen some of your other work and its awesome so, I dont think it should be a problem, but if it is, let me know and I’'ll pic another pic.

Oh, and can you have it say “Lethal Protector”?

Thanks dude!!!:smiley:


Firetrainer60: Yeah, I’ll do it.

Cool-Breeze: Here’s yours.


Sup Dragon.

Can I have an AV of Eddie and Millia from GGX2? One with ethier a dark red backround or a light silivery color. Kind of like how you did Cool-Breeze’s backround. Any stance of the characters will be fine. I wanted them to be on the far left and on the far right so that it could fit a cool japanese type of lettering in the middle. Kind of what shows up when U.Rugal does his version of the raging demon. If it’s to much then you can refuse to do it. Also, can you fit the word CHAOS in there somewhere?



Yeah, I can do that.


Yo Yo Yo this AV is dope hellllllllllll yeah:D :smiley:
I should have asked for movement or something just to liven it up a bit but this i the bomb thanks man.:cool:


Firetrainer60: Here you go.

ChaosNightWolf: Doing yours right now.


ur av’s are EVIL:evil:

if POSSIBLE… iono… i been askin around… can u make me a wallpaper with mag/storm/psy? or just a cool, dark gothic type image?


No request, just a comment… your avatars kick ass man! Two thumbs up! If possible, three… :smiley:


I’ll do it. It’ll take a bit longer than an av, though. :slight_smile:

@ Eklipse Shadow: Thanks.

@ ChaosNightWolf: Here’s yours. You asked for kanji, so I threw some in; Eddie’s got “dark” on his side, and Millia has “light”.


Thanks man, this av rocks. Now I got 2 two switch back and forth. Still gotta give credit to cham for hooking me up with my first.

Your work is sick:eek:


thanks, take ur time. - 1024 x 768, or 800x600, and i’ll stretch it… thanks


Ugh…this BG is gonna take longer than I thought. I can’t find a damn picture of Psylocke MvC2 version (the only one I could find is way too small for a wallpaper).

Anyone that can help me out, it would be most appreciated (stupid Gamegen doesn’t have squat).:bluu:


This one?


That’s the one. Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile: :smiley:


Hadoken King: Check it out. Dark enough for you?


perfect, that shit is evilll


how about an av with dizzy and my name, cool effects would be tight…

id owe ya huge

thanks man