Infinite Bash: Syn city (CTF) 08/21/04 Top 4 Results

~Born to Play~

Marvel vs. Capcom 2:

1st. Santhrax
2nd. D.Hyo
3rd. Larry Flint X
4th. Javier
5th. Micheal Infinite Williams
5th. Julian Rob.

Capcom vs. SNK 2:

1st. Arturo
2nd. Santhrax (Split)
3rd. Omar
4th. Norman B.
5th. Julian Rob.

Sanford didnt split with me, I beat him 3-2 in the finals we only played one set, it was really close. We split the money though.

Highlights of the CvS2 tourney:

  • Omar TAKING A FUCKING RISK with Rock to beat Julien 2-0, then eliminated him in the losers. American Otaku!
  • Jeron disappearing and ending up getting DQ’ed; because of this Norman takes 4th place.
  • in the losers finals, I’m up 2-0 on Omar, then he beasts on me to bring it back 2-2…but I end up hanging in there at the end.
  • Eddie Lee shows up late and starts in the losers bracket, beats Som D from Philly and leaves right after. Random.
  • Local CF player Sancho (crosshanded Mexican) beats Josh Wong in a 1 game losers bracket match, then goes on and loses to Julien in a close match.
  • Norman ended up getting top 4 cause at least 3-4 players got DQ’ed, then he ended up advancing to 4th, loses to Omar in a 1 game match.

ppl really
need to show up on time, like 8 ppl showed up mad late and i ended up stuffing them in the brackets. shit ended really late this time

yo art, do you remember the teams people used?

I used C-Sagat/Sak/Blanka
Sanford used C-Ken/Cammy/Blanka/Sagat
Omar used K-Geese/Rock/Hibiki or Sagat R2
Norman used K-Gief/Geese/Blanka
Julien used C-Vega/Honda/Rog/Blanka

I knew i should’ve came. I would’ve liked to have seen sanfords ken :stuck_out_tongue:

Sanford’s Ken was good, beasting with the Funky kicks and such

For me, I did pretty good, my best tourney yet, I actually won in this one, All my matches were crazy. Props to Philly for coming out here in this “Prison Hole with the rusty pipes”

Another 3rd place finish for Omar, He better take it the next time around.

My impatience is really random. I’ll get it next time. :slight_smile:

Damn sounds like it was dope tourney. I’ll be there for the next one

good job brandon i owe you 1…2…3 damnit!!

Congrat’s to the top 5 :tup: