Infinite Crisis...the novel?

I’ve always meant to read infinite crisis but just like Civil War, I just didn’t know where to start. Instead yesterday I was waiting at the train station with an hour before my departure and nothing to do so I stopped at Chapters and found the Infinite Crisis novel by Greg Cox.
I’m just wondering how accurate this is to the original comic books. Of course it’s a ~375 page book so I dont think it’s got everything but it’s accuracy is still a question.

Anyone read both?

I have been meaning to pick this up, even though it is paperback only. DC puts out a lot of their event stuff in novelizations (the one for COIE was written by Wolfman himself). I hear IC is more of an interpretation than straight re-telling.

I don’t think I’ve encountered too many good novelizations of comics, or even just comic-related novels. The Kingdom Come novel by Elliot Maggin is pretty good. But I still think that in most cases the original source material is more entertaining. Even if we’re talking about Crisis here, I don’t see how the novel could be much more enjoyable than the actual comic. Plus I have read a couple of Greg Cox novels and didn’t think they were anything special. (But to be clear, I haven’t read his Crisis novel.)

I actually have a hardcover copy of Greg Rucka’s Batman: No Man’s Land novel. I don’t know why I got it. You’re a Rucka fan, right Giddy? You want it? If you want it, I can ship it to you no problem. I’m never gonna read it again.

i actually have it, and am bringing it to get it signed tomorrow:wgrin:

I read it, because I never read the comics version and didnt feel like buying all the tpb’s. It was pretty good.

Hahaha, they made a novel of No Man’s Land? Some people have big balls… some people have balls so enormous that they have their own gravitational pull.

I’ve only picked up a couple of novelizations. Roger Stern’s Death and Life Of Superman book is alright, but that’s probably because I wasn’t a huge fan of the comic book storyline. In fact, I pretty much loathe the death of Superman, but I think it works a little bit better as condensed prose.

The Knightfall novelization is terrible. Denny O’Neill most definitely deserves the respect he gets, but this is not representative of his skills at all.