Infinite.... omfg!



ok, i find it strange that i can pull off a combo like…

clk, clp, psylocke, j.lp, lp, lk, u+hp, launch, sj, lp, lk, fly, lk, u+hp, unfly, lk, u+hp, fly, lk, u+hp, lp beam… but i can’t do the basic jump infinite for more than a single rep…

can i get some tips on…

  1. when to start the first lp
  2. where the delays are (example - magneto rom - sjlklk_addflk_lk the lines are the delays)

the thing is after teh frist rep, they always fall down and/or the combo breaks, and i can’t do it.

another thing: when i get to the corner, and i s.hp xx proton cannon, how do i time it? because even with the one rep, i still can’t get the s.hp to connect. is there something more to it?



That combo is pretty weird, how do you have a normal jump then later do an unfly lk? I wouldn’t think that would work…

Anyway, the timing on the infinite is really easy, it’s very loose and some people may do it differently, but it goes something like:

[jump, lp, mp, (small pause), mk, (small pause), u+hp, (longer pause), land] repeat.

Basically you want to keep them at the same height the whole time. Try to hit them with the LP as soon as you jump or they might end up getting too low.

The simplest way I can explain the timing of the s.HPxxPC is to do one fast rep of the infinite, then one slow one, then hit the s.HP as soon as you hit the ground, WAIT FOR IT TO HIT (it’s easy to forget this if you’re rushing too much) then cancel to proton cannon.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:



and yeh, i realized what i said after the fact… sorry, was in a rush before typing, cuz i was in the 4 minute thing, and when i hit back on the browser, everything got erased… so i typed it back up quickly…

the combo i was talking about…

clk, clp, psy, sj, adf, u+hp, land, launch… somehting like that… i forget how i did it… i’ve just been working on that normal jump infinite so much, i forgot what i actually do in most of my ffly combos… i just do it… lol

EDIT: something’s bugging me about what i just said… and i think there’s anothe move before the u+hp… runs off to see


but i can’t do the basic jump infinite for more than a single rep…

I had the same problem too> I was only able to get up to like 13 hits but now I average about 28 and the I did 45+'s several times. What the guy previously posed should help you but enough but once you start it yo uneed o get in a rhythem then it was crazy easy after that. Honestly what really helped me out was the ironmantribute video. All I did was tap my finger on my desk everytime Ironman would connect a hit> it relaly helped me out aftr that and I would recommend anyone who has a hard time doing the infinite to do what I did.


Yeah… Assassin’s video helped me out a great deal. I watched it over and over just looking at the combo counter to get the rhythm… that might help…


I’m glad that my vid helped you guys out. If you guys have any questions just ask and I will help the best I can.


my team is magz, cable , iron man.

I use iron man as my second character.
i see the vids of assasin inc187 and its great.
i can do normal infinite.
i can do ironman combo like this:

launched sj,lp,lk,lp,lk,hk fly lp,lp, hp.

i can’t do the fly combos infinite of iron man.???
help pls…


there is about a million and one threads on this subject already. just look in all the other threads that say something about the unfly inf. and you will find out the answer to your problem.