Infinite setup and unblockable laser theory quesitons



2 questions:

  1. Will Launch, sj.uFP, dash DF, j.LP, j.uFP, land, infinite work with War Machine like it does with Iron Man?

  2. War Machine’s laser hits twice, does this mean he has the same unblockable trick like Sentinel?


most all of wm’s combos are the same. but it when you talk about the proton cannon combos is where wm can’t follow. i used to use wm in the low tier matches and theres a tourny comin up thats low tier only. ive thought about using him but its no use, hes just so much of a dissapoint ment… truelly all he is is an infinite fiend.

i havent heard anything on that unblockable like sents. but i havn’e fully got it down yet so don’t know… get a seninel buff in here.


So do you know it works for certain or are you just doing it on a blind comparison?


about his combo’s? i know that what i said is true… i was going to play him in a low tier tourny where im is not allowed, but i gave him a trial run and he didn’t cut it… i tried to do the basics with im with wm; and all of the combos are either harder or just plain dont work… the pc combos are an impossiblitity with wm, his is a joke.

as far as the laser … :confused:
im not sure about that one, butim not sure how the unblockable with sent is supposed to be done (correctly and effectively)…


i would THINK that that u+hp setup won’t work because WM’s fierce has sooo much lag, i might be wrong though since i didn’t try it out

WM CAN combo into his Proton Cannon, it’s a different combo but it isn’t much difficult, the timing is a little wierd i guess and if your timing is off just by a little than your opponent won’t take the full Proton Cannon missiles

anyways it goes like so (corner), infinite, land, s.hp XX jab shoulder cannon XX (cancel on first hit) Proton Cannon

or you can do s.lp, XX jab shoulder cannon XX (cancel on first hit) Proton Cannon, same result


The infinite setups work with WM too.

The only one that doesn’t is:

c. lk, c. mp, c. hk, Unibeam, jump forward, start infinite

All of the other ones work, the timing is just a little different.


oh cool - i remember seeing a corner Warmachine-only infinite setup by Julius, throw, (OTG), s.hp XX jab shoulder cannon, jump forward start infinite

oh yeah even if Warmachine had an unblockable laser, wouldn’t it be useless though since he can’t link it into anything


Actually, from what I understand, you can do anything after the laser, so you could just call an assist and do the the infinite there or since his laser is way faster than Sentinel’s, you could just do a launch setup into the infinite.


are you sure the laser recovers THAT fast??? :wtf:



but wouldnt the point of it be to be ranged … like out of normal combo range?

youd have to use a crazy assist set up for that one. like bounce them off of typhoons possibly or any assist that will juggle/stall them so he can get over there or go into proton cannon.


The first one still works I can do it just fine.


AFAIK, the only time when combo to Proton Cannon does more damage than combo to War Destroyer is after an infinite.


Hey now he’s not that big of a disappointment. I mean I think he’ll kick iceman’s ass quicker than iron man.


Here’s the deal, War is not a dissapointment, but rather, just inferior to IM…The only good reason to use WM is if IM is already in your line up. This doesn’t mean he’s not good though…


WM does have combo advantages that IM doesn’t with the War Destroyer (after the infinite) then DHC into the cannon w/IM.
If you ask me, WM can bring the sickness if used correctly…

I give free demo’s if NE-one is curious…hehe…


i find launch, XX a/d d/f, lk, lk, U+fp, land infinite…

to be a lot easier to do then sj.u+fp with war machine.


I was playing MvC2 the other day, and I couldn’t get that combo to work. The person was too high when I landed and tried to start the infinite. What am I doing wrong?