Infinite vs Soo $1000 MM

I have to mirror match him the WHOLE way. Im putting my own $1k. if others want to sidebet on either infinite or mighty its up to yall.

i dunno about the mirror match thing.

He could practice up some low-tier garbage characters in secret that no one ever plays and you’d have to mirror match him.

I’m gonna be puttin around 100 on soo. If someone wants to bet, get at me at worlds or even better, send me a pm.

1oo on soo.let me know how i can give u my sidebet?thanks

When and where is this going down? I’m going to add this to the schedule I have posted.

Example: 2pm @ BYOC or Room 4239 GVR.

WoW! That’s some confidence right there! I would thought that Infinite was the favorite for this match, but Soo is so confident that I wouldn’t bet on anybody

naw, Soo is the favorite.

Iceman/Felicia/Marrow is srs business.


oh. were not doing any low tier stuff. only serious teams.

sent/strider/doom? that’d be an interesting mirror match

soo said no low tier boshit

Its gonna be an interesting match. Get em Mike!

Strider is the man.

BTW what is that trophy next to your name?

it’ll work out, all of mike’s serious teams are considered low-tier.

I’m thinking he should use this team:

Cable - AAA
Storm - Variety
Captain Commando - AAA

I came up with this team so call it team “Flip”:looney::looney::looney::looney::looney::looney:

I’m only posting this cause I know you at work right now:angel:

Anyone like Mike? We won’t know what’ll happen until the match goes down, I mean this is Marvel, but get it hyped anyway.


Its gotta be either Team Row or Santhrax.

lol. strider/doom is an upper-mid combination and sent is top, so what are you talking about exactly?

sent/doom is trash
stri/doom is trash

the team sucks