Infinite with Ducking Upper-->FADc-->?

I watched some Expert Dudley versus videos this few days and I noticed some interesting combinations used by them.

I saw 2 or 3 Dudley players using cr.lp and soon after maybe a liver blow and repeat this combination 2or 3 times while their opponent is bocking. Is it a kind of blockstring ? Is it just for the freestyle ? Is it effective or true strong players won’t waste their time with that ??

Also, maybe the most interesting and one of the key to the victory, is there any Dudley player that uses in battle TC2 or something like that–> Ducking upper (weak, mdeium or strong)–> FADC at the first or second hit–> dash forward–> st.lpx2–>–>ducking upper–>etc…?

Thanks in advance for your wise advices !!:wgrin:

this didn’t require its own thread…

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it’s funny how that works.

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