I seen a vid on preppys site where sonson does an infinite using lk hp and her monkey crawl but i am unable to cancel the hp into the monkey crawl. Does it involve suki canceling?

Unless there is something on/off (XD) screen that son son can block, like a ghost, sonic boom, or a big beam from abyss, then it could not involve suki.

linkage? whos being infinited in the vid?

the vid i saw it in had jin but that was the old thread involving the same infinite that was said to be suki cancelled

I figured it was suki cancelling THANKS

yeah the hp doesnt allow the crawl to cancel but will allow for other specials to. only infinite ive seen her do is on sentinel

I think it can b done with a Kara cancel. Hp into Hk cancel the opening frames of Hk on the crawl…good luck