Infinites (Darkstalkers mode)

After air to air counter hit near corner, crouch cancel jump then :

chun-li : (CC jump short,strong) x N
ryu : (CC jump short, strong) x N
sagat : (CC jump short, strong) x N

these are really semi infinites since the opponent will likely get dizzy before his life meter ends.

Ask Desk, he’ll be able to tell you about “ground” infinites Vs Sagat and T. Hawk. Watch his video, you’ll see a few examples.


middlekick: I’ve nicked that akuma inf for my new vid, I hope you don’t mind, lol.

I thank you during the credits:sweat:

also, since this is now the dedicated Hyper forum, some extra info regarding these infinites. They’re only true infinites against characters who can’t recover mid air. When performed on the characters who can, they will automaticallty recover at around 7-10 hits. You still get hella damage during that time though and possibly stun.

To clarify: the opponent (the A3 characters) will be able to recover from the juggle after a few cycles if it is not started from an air-to-air counter hit or a post air recovery hit set-up. If started from an air-to-air counter or PARH, the opponent will not be able to recover. For example, with Guy - in the corner, Bushin Gokusa Ken-> CC juggle will allow the opponent to air recover after a few reps. However, an air-to-air counter hit, say with jumping Jab-> CC juggle will be inescapable.
TS or BKB: could you check the dizzy points to see which characters’ moves inflict zero or very little stun, allowing them to have true inescapable infinites. I know for Zangief, with the exception of his vertical jumping u+Fierce and Strong, none of his moves inflict any stun damage. However, I wasn’t able to find an infinite for him.

I know with akuma you can do repeated instant air hurricanes upwards and towards one after another… althoughg I don’t know how many reps is possible because i suck at doing them. Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: Can others do midscreen jump series?

I’m pretty sure Claw can. Perhaps Dictator and Ryu too?

A3: Sagat, Sodom, Karin, Chun, and Gen can all do midscreen CC. infs.

And as already pointed out, Claw and Ryu too. Not sure about Dictator, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I’m also not sure about Cody, but my guess would be yeah.

I think in Hyper though there’s a limit to how many juggles you can hit without reaching a neutral state, so even if they can’t recover they’ll eventually fall through anyway.

This only applies if the crouch cancel air chain series is initiated from a non-counter hit air-to-air set-up or a post air recovery hit. Any other set-up, and the limiter will take effect.

Ahh, like using Akuma’s air Tats for example?

How do you crouch cancel in Darkstalkers ism and can you cancel any move during a combo.