Infinites/ glitches

hey i would like to know some akuma infinites / glitches if you guys could help id be really thankfull

I’d be quite interested aswell :slight_smile:

Akuma has an infinite on standing sentinel:

[j.lp, j.hp, hurricane kick]

And he has a glitch where he takes WAY too much damage. That glitch seems to exist in every game that he’s in.

The only one that i know which works but is very limited is the air grab glitch/infinite thingy…

Gay thing is that its only works on certain (VERY CERTAIN)people.
It starts off:

s.lp,, c+hp,[sj.lp,, air grab{foward+ hp}] they will bounce behind you. When they do press {j.lp,j.lp,Hk Hurricane Kick, repeat} I have gotten this to hit atleast 15 to 20 hits.

They are a couple of downfalls to this shit…
a)Akumas reach is ASS to the max so it only works on certain people usually tall people (Blackheart, Juggy, etc)

b)The timing is retarded…sometimes…

I hope that helps…a lil bit.
But if i was you i wouldnt use Akuma no damn way. His defense is Gay! Roll…Roll of all people can take damage better than him…and that’s sad!

:rofl: :rofl: :lol:

Agree with you totally Mapster. thats funny you called his weak-ass stamina a “glitch” Thats the same reason i NEVER play akuma in 3S or Mvc2. his weak ass stamina. i guess the whole reason is capcom wanted to balance him out cuz his powerful combos, but damn hes just so weak. id rather play with someone whos more balanced, who won’t die so quickly. i love playin against akuma in 3S though. i can stun/ and or kill akuma so quickly with dudley cuz of akuma’s short stun bar and weak stamina. :karate:

i think he has the corner hurricane infinite:

(in corner) around psylocke AAA hit stun height

[j. lp, j. mp, hurricane kick] repeat in brackets

he has infs. against small characters but i forgot the sequence :frowning: :frowning: it’s been years.


vs (standing) Sent, you can do j.HP xx HK Hurricane Kick, [j.LP, j.MP, j.HP xx HK hurricane kick] for quite a while…I forget how many hits you can get before it undizzies, but I think it’s somewhere around 50…I remember getting up to 70 sometime, but maybe that was just Ken. Anyway, end with j.LP, j.MP xx air fireball super, or combo into the DP super and DHC.

I’d like to point out that you have to be jumping straight up for the j.LP, j.MP, hurricane kick inifnite to work, so it only works in the corner.

During Flying Screen in the corner (like after the Hurricane Kick super), you can do s.LP, s.MP, s.RK twice, I don’t know how many reps you can repeat it for, as I tend to go for the hopkick instead of the s.HK anyway, as it’s a retarded Raging Demon setup.

any interesting videos? I wanna see it

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fun combo

oh, ive seen that before… that’s good one

but i’ve also seen another infinite, where he got his opponent against a wall, did the hurricane kick, to a low kick, too pop them back up, back into a hurricane kick, but i think the second hurricane kick as a medium kick or light kick, cant really tell or find the video

Akuma’s Damage


I think I may have kinda overlooked what you said about Akuma, my bad. Drugs…lol

He has a corner infinite similar to Ken’s.
The standing infinite on Sentinel-
jump, lp,lk,hp,hurricane/repeat
You can mix it up, and start with lk,lk,hk, hurricane/repeat.

Another tip: Around 20 hits or so, come down with lk,lk, hurricane (hk), lp, hurricane.
You have to time the just right though. Then, after the last hurricane, cancel into his super.
Great addition to the infinite. The only drawback is they can roll out of the hurricane, but practice it anyway.

Look at the date on that post. Mapster is probably dead. He dont give a fuck.

btw: Takes = receives, as in he is DEALT too much dmg.


Say it ain’t so…

On some realness tho, if I could consistently do ground strings into Aku’s Asura warp to set-up get-behinds a la Strider/Spiral, Aku would be even more fun than just doing air hurricanes at NJ height in front of drones/high priority projectile assist, or sj/tk air zanku zoning.

*also, if his snapback had faster recovery to allow a dash up

Nothing beats landing a raging demon on a noob.

Honestly you could beat a noob with just jab… a better statement would be… “Nothing beats landing a raging demon on a good player”… unfortunately even the average ones know you normally get away by just holding up…

While the sentinel infinite doesn’t really infinite mid-screen, it’s still hella easy to land 3 reps mid screen and follow up with something like hk hurricane into air fireball super for some extra damage. And yeah, his reach is kinda ass, it’s not nearly as bad as ryu’s–at least akuma can land his launcher off more than a single hit.