Infinites in Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Hey are there any infinites in Garou? :karate: :pleased:


Only in one Mame version (Set 2 or prototype I think), but hardly anyone plays those. The DC, PS2 and Neo-Geo are completely devoid of infinites. Thank god.

Wow, Garou must be the only 2D fighter to not have infinites!

Knowing Garou, there probably is one, but it’ll have some crazy ass way to do it, STANDING WHILE CROUCHING C, FEINT FEINT FEINT FEINT , CROUCHING A, FEINT, BREAK, FEINT BREAK, JUMPING C + A, JUMPING B+C, BREAK, X + Y, 3^2.

3S is infinite free…only unblockables and maybe 100% combo but no infinite…wake up man…

:frowning: right, most of my fav games apparently are broken.
VG Max and EFZ = still no infinites.

What about Grant’s corner one?

garou is the only snk fighter i can stomach.

That one may or may not be infinite. It seems to me like the move makes characters bounce lower each rep. I haven’t seen anyone who can do over 200 dmg(which is the full hp for most of characters, except for grant and griffon mask/tizoc) with that move alone. The move is definitely extremely dangerous vs B.J. the slowest falling character.

Concerning Grant’s corner he DOES have a 100% damage combo, but it has to start with a counter & he has to be in TOP:
QCF+HK Counters–>DF+HP some 6/7 times–>QCFx2+HP

@Daolith- What about stun combos…& Gill?

Ininite means, at least for me, hit paterns that can be repeated over and over…

stun combo is just some 100% combo not infinite…and who cares about Gill? and Gill has no infinite anyway…

The D Man - if you’re talk’n about the “hump” combo, that is NOT an infinite (at least in legit versions) he can only hit you 1-5x depending on how you pop up your opponent. If you play with a messed up emu ver, then yes, he AND others have infinites!

For those who don’t know what time it is, there are a few diff ver of this game on emu. It is the messed up versions where you will see infinites. Console and arcade versions DON’T have this (unless you actually came across rare early releases of the game… which the messed up emus were based off of). Thanks to certain vids out there, there are MANY newbies who have the fear of god in them cuz they THINK there is only ONE version of Garou out there (a messed up one filled with infinites… Grant being the classic example) when in fact there are AT LEAST 3 versions of this game… so PLAY the correct one(s)!

Another common misconception is that the bosses are majorly overpowered. Sure, this is often the case (esp with SNK), but in THIS game they are usually ranked near the middle in most people’s rankings (at least in Japan). If you have to fear a char, FEAR Kevin! Still, even with Kev be’n at the top of most people’s lists, generally accepted lower tier characters have STILL been able to shine BECAUSE of the PLAYERS using them. Of course not all characters are equal, but then when are they ever supposed to be? For the most part, Garou does a FAIRLY good job when it comes to character balance. No one char is totally overpowering and no one char stands no chance.

Keep Play’n. Peace

+1 :tup:
(Only the prototype mvs board/rom has infinites, thus the aes/dc/ps2/etc. are infinite-free)

Also +1 to “there are infinite free games” BUT ss2 isn’t part of them (at least 2 infinites I can think of).

Actually in a test version of the game, Marco/Kushnood’s B dp, didn’t launch, so if you broke it you could jump in the D, s.B, dp-break, repeat. Needless to say that was fixed faster than the Faust infinite in the first (red) version of GGXX#R.

there is an infinite in 3s, but it only works on Elena.

Oh and I dont think CFJ has an infinite but haven’t played it enough to know…wish it did, if the engine was looser it would be a lot better a game.

There are infinites in Garou, or at least very long semi-infinites (more than enough to get 100%).
Unfortunately, all of them are too friggin hard to be performed without emu macros o programmable pads. All of them involve corner + strong attack + feint cancel + run\dash.
An example:

Hokutomaru (vs Tizoc, btw) - standing close D, f\d+AC, run, st cl D etc

I once managed to reach 5-6 hits, out of the 20 or more necessary to kill the opponent. Go imagine.

Similar strings are said to be possible with Jae Hoon and Freeman, possibly more. And no, no proto crap or whatever.

Semi-infinites, only SEMI-infinites !
Such strings exists for nearly earch chara, I give you that, and some even have two of them (Hokuto/Grant)… BUT : they sure are damn hard to do (one would say impossible), you can only go up to about 80% in the best case (you can’t close the distance completely with the number of hits increasing or you’d have to increase the dash duration, which would screw up the combo timing). I’ll give you you could technically go up to 100% by adding a super at the end.

Anyway, even people able to do 1-frame links wouldn’t be able to pull out the inputs consistently given the timings AND the inputs needed (and I’m not even talking of pulling out the stuff in actual match conditions). So I stand on my position : there is NO infinite for Garou, even for Godlike players :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, agreeing or not is quite impossible given the total absence of clear evidence on both sides.
I’ve reported what i’ve been told by some local yet trustable experts, while the Hokuto thing came from my personal experience. Way back i managed to record an inp of that 5-6 hits combo, and yes, it seemed to have the potential to become an infinite, distances and all - again, note i performed it vs a crouching Griffon.
It’s not much, even few pixels could make the difference in the long run, but as long as someone doesn’t prove me wrong using his cheating powers i’d like to keep believing :smile:

Not that this is of any importance. As said, even if theorically possible, ‘infinites’ would be way to hard to be perfomed by human hands, maybe some shaolin monk on the heights of his tibet ermitage…Theory fighting and all.

ive seen jae hoon and don infintes. Maybe there not in all versions of the game or something shrug.