Infinity Arcade's Rapper Beatdown Game!

Okay… so I went down to AI after having not been there for months and saw the awesomest game in existence. It’s real big and is right at the front!

It’s a interactive Konami game where your gloves act as fists and as guns. I dont know what the name translates to but I can only guess it means something like Gangsta Rap Rumble. You get to beat up and shoot hip hops finest!

You start off throwin’ blows with a couple of 50 cents… Then 2pacs… then there’s a Mac 10 and aSirMixalot! Towards the ends, even sisqo comes out. You have to fight Rodney King at the end of the first level and I think he’s pcp’d up again! I almost best him. He threw rappers at me and his weights too. CRAZY FUN.

Can’t wait to play it again! You must try it!

What the hell? I thought that goofy looking ninja game was at the front.

Not anymore. Must be brand new!