Influence by Tiers

I would first like to state that this is not based on me picking my team according to tiers but something else.

The thing is when fighting games come out I play the characters that I like the most. For example when BlazBlue CS was out I mained Lambda and when MvC 3 came out my team was Hsien-Ko, Tron, and Sentinel, I also like playing Yang in AE.

But whenever I play against people online I usually get hate-mail in either voice or written messages. They go along the lines of me spamming Lambda’s drive (which is her main zoning tool) or hate from bodying someone’s whole team with Sentinel (Hsien-Ko too, but not much hate there). Its comments like these that place doubts in my head about being a good player. I want to learn how to use Phoenix because I like her moveset and style (plus she looks cool), but I don’t to be know as that Dark Phoenix guy, or someone who picks characters based on tier lists.

Its even made me consider swaping Sentinel for someone else. Its very hard to defend my choice for using Sentinel since everyone I fight claims he is OP when he really is not. The same goes for Tron as well. Everyone claims that it takes no skill to use these characters and these place more doubts about my own skill.

What I want to know is how do people not get bothered by this? Its very disheartening to hear this from almost everyone you play against.

P.S. For the record, I play Sentinel because I LOVE giant robots!

Don’t let scrubs dictate your character selection, that should be the last thing you should be wasting effort to worry about. Fuck Them. They know the tiers if they’re whining, and if they weren’t fucking scrubs, they would have dealt with it already. Beat them, take the salt, and season some mash potatoes or something.

Why would you let someone else dictate who and how you play? I don’t usually go for the aggro alpha male response, but that attitude is some weak shit.

Ignore internet whining and get your wins.

I’ve been using Tron as my main since the beginning. If some one complains about her, just laugh at them because shes mid tier at best. Yeah she has a good assist to beat people pressing too many buttons but on point she gets completely shut down by anyone who blocks high and presses S

Other peoples opinions should NOT decide what characters you play. They’re mad that they lost, so they find something about your team to pick on, and usually it always comes down to “You’re a scrub because you play __________”. It’s a mentality used to make themselves feel better for losing, so they don’t have to feel bad and thus they can keep their precious ego as it originally once was.

Play who you want. That’s all there is to it, regardless of tier lists. You play for YOUR enjoyment, not anyone else’s. Don’t listen to scrubs online.

If you’re using top tiers and winning, there’s no problem here. Honestly, whenever I get mail like that, it doesn’t make me feel bad, it makes me feel good. I must be doing something right if I got someone that frustrated that they couldn’t let it go and had to send me hate mail.

Just gotta play who you like. Could give two shits about what someone else thinks.

But im sure everyone can agree that Dark Phoenix is pretty derpy. At least until UMvC

Here’s the thing. People are gonna hate high tier characters. They frequently have many advantages with less disadvantages than other characters. This, to many people means they are easy to do well with. People don’t like losing to something that’s easy to do, especially if by contrast they can barely keep up doing 10x the work. Hence the reason people also hate on “spamming”. People also don’t like not understanding why they’re losing. If you’re using tactics that your opponent doesn’t even realize exist you can’t really fault them for being upset. How are they supposed to deal with something they don’t even know is in play?

The Sentinel hate stemmed a lot from his ability to do crazy damage easily as well as take crazy amounts of damage. Not only do you have to avoid getting hit by him, but you really had to the put the combo skills to the test to make sure you took him out. On top of that, even if you did get on the offensive you had to keep your attacks in check lest they get eaten by crazy hyper armor moves. That’s a hell of a lot more work than his basic combos and capitalizing off hyper armor hits.

poochythedog is right about playing for your enjoyment… the problem is that there are plenty of people in the world who’s top enjoyment would be nothing more than being completely invincible and decimating everyone who steps up regardless of the skill involved to do so. These are the people that will use any character/glitch/trick/exploit to chase down this elusive feeling. These people would play rock/paper/scissors even if the rules stated rock wins 90% of the time no matter what. They’d play rock and as long as there were suckers to play scissors and paper they’d have a grand ol’ time beating everyone. Most of us don’t have any investment in some theoretical paper and scissors enough to care. Why would we be bothered to play a game so obviously one-sided?

In the case of fighting games though it’s not so easy to dismiss. We like the characters, we like the feeling of winning, we like the atmosphere of playing, the challenges that come along with the intricacies of different moves, and the feeling of trying to improve in something. This makes it a lot harder to flat-out refuse to participate in games that a lot of our friends or the community are playing… so frequently people will participate, but hate on the obvious “rocks” in play.

Take online player comments with loads of salt. They’re getting bodied, not you. There is no “let’s fight like gentlemen” attitude unless you’re Dudley himself.
Play to win. Top tier? Sure. Not top tier? Work hard, and you can still profit.

In Marvel, you can make your favourite team work for you if it does. Sometimes the mechanics and movesets dictate changes. You then pick your favourite character and build a team around him/her. Simply liking a combination of characters denies yourself the team synergy required in a game with one-touch KOs.

In 1vs1 fighters, sure go all out and pick your favourite. Because that’s who you’ll have the most fun with and be willing to put the time to play them at a decent competitive level. Learn from your losses… even winning one match out of a FT5 or something means you’ve been successful. Even playing top tier you won’t win it all the time, so why does it matter what tier you play? Mind should be thinking play for fun, but simultaneously how do I play to win?

If you are winning then you are winning, period. It doesn’t matter what character you use, or why you use them, or how you use them. Some things will always be good and easier to win with, while others are weaker and require significantly more effort to succeed with. Sometimes you might lose to a player who is “worse” than you because of this, or you might beat someone who is “better” for the same reason.

You play the game, you pick your character(s), and you do what you have to do to make it work. If it doesn’t work, then you either pick someone/something else or you accept the weaknesses of your choice and/or your own ability and try to overcome it as best you can. You have no obligation to other players to “play fair” aka “try to guess what bullshit house rules they think should be applied to the game.”

If people can’t comprehend such basic things they have no business playing the game in the first place and nothing they have to say about it is of any relevance

People do the same thing to me. I got harass for days because I was about to go to my first offline tourney for mk with Jax. And everyone 8wr I knew wanted me to drop Jax and switch to KL I said I wouldn’t be a good character if I don’t play KL. What did I do? I said fuck them. And went to CH3 with Jax and only Jax. I ended up impressing a ton of players there.

Why do you care? Tiers are for Scrubs and they always will be. Real fighting game fans won’t give a shit who you use as long as you respect each other and don’t cheese it out.

Anyone who talks shit in such a stupid manner deserves Muting.

true dat Truefist? Wow…that’s crazy. But yeah I have been told that by tourney players and guys that go to gatherings.

tiers matter much much less than people would like to believe. 99% of the people losing to you are losing to you, not the character. most people who specifically pick mid or low tier are just doing it so they have an excuse when they lose (as you can see in your hatemail messages). just pick who you want, top tier or not. if youre winning youre gonna get hate no matter what character you play

Sigh… play who you want…

Play whoever you want for whatever reason. But you BETTER want to level up with your character…

Thats only because sweet sweet money is on the line. In which case I’d say picking Yun / Fei is fine.

Not that it isn’t usually.

what does herp and derp mean, i hear people say them all the time :./

synonyms for brainless easy stuff

i used to have the mentality of the OP. mostly because i wasnt confident in my own ability. gotta be confident. even if you do pick a character because they are strong or whatever, just be confident that you are the one earning your wins, not your character

I try to win the way I want to win. I don’t need kl, cryax, ktiana, radien, or kano to get that. I’m happy with Jax.