Influx of FL players?

I play on Xbox live and lately I’ve been matching up with FL a lot. Prior to this I maybe played against 2 out of 100 but now it’s like 25 out of 100.

Is there a reason for this? I mean in my eyes FL isn’t that great off the bat, it takes a lot of work to be great with him. But these kids playing him don’t even know how, it seems all the Ken fighters moved to FL.

tl;dr: Why are so many people playing FL all of a sudden?

this post is retarded u suk who cares who you play as long as u win and u dont spam

i dunno, but he has been getting a lot of conversation as of late in the character ranking/tier list discussion thread in the sf4 general section. a lot of the more well respected players have been saying that fei is legit. maybe that has something to do with it

however, it will probrably slow down once people realize how hard he is to use as an online character

  1. I suck? Play me
  2. I Care
  3. They never win
  4. They spam

Just shut your mouth until someone who isn’t trying to up their post count actually contributes instead of being butthurt.

Hmm, makes sense. I guess he’s just a late bloomer, lol.

Like mike said more light is being shone on fei by the respected players and I think correcting people on their initial opinions of the command grab being worthless has got more people interested

That’s always good, at least I’m seeing more diversity now.

That means WE showed them what FeiLong could do lol
(or at least the xbox users did)

precisely, u said that in ur eyes, but in other people eyes the is a better char to play… and beside fei is totally different from ken, saying that he play like ken is akin to say that ryu play like sagat…

so u said that people play him and don’t know how to use him, then tell me how to use fei… what is the best way to use him??? u don’t even know and making statement like that …

I’m afraid you misunderstood half of his post. No wait. His whole post…