Info about league points



I want to know how many points winning adds / losing takes for eash league. But cannot find that info on google. Is that info written somethere?
I’m super bronze now and already losing and winning adds / takes almost the same amount of points. And losing to bronze takes twice as much point as winning against them adds. Which is kinda harsh considering that skill difference between bronze an super bronze is not big. Is it gonna change for higher leagues? Is it gona get worse?


The number of points depends on the difference between your rank and the rank of your opponent. If you’re in the same league you’ll both lose or gain the same number of points (around 66 I believe); if he’s one league below you you’ll win around 55 LP and he’ll lose around 35 LP, but if he wins you’ll lose around 77 LP and he’ll win like 80 LP.
Basically the higher the rank of your opponent the more points you get if you win and the less points you’ll lose on a loss, and vice versa winning against a lower rank will give you less points and losing against it will make you lose more.


Thanks for the answer!